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Forgive the slow posting rate, but there’s been a lot on….


My 900 has a ‘flow’ problem. I don’t think it’s prostate related, but a new fuel pump will probably do the trick.

It almost left me stranded last night, but we managed to limp home. There’s always something….


Info about my airline tickets to Detroit finally came through this morning. Woohoo! It’s going to be a whirlwind trip – arriving on the 11th and leaving on the 15th – but it’ll be great.

Can’t wait to see what Saab have got for us there. By the look of things, they don’t have anything new at all at the LA Show that’s on right now, so it’s all about Detroit.


When my wife and I got married nearly 5 years ago our honeymoon consisted of a long weekend in wooden hut.

So next week we’re jumping on a plane for some much needed R&R.

I’ll have web access, but posting from me will be lighter than usual as a result.

Maybe you can help. Do you have a “I drove a XXX and here’s why I’d still buy a Saab” story to tell? Or maybe a Saab O The Week image to contribute?

If so, send ’em through to me via email at (replaceing -at- with @ as usual).

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