New England Auto Show preview – Part 2

GM are rebuilding a classic, black 900 Turbo to show along side the Turbo-X at the New England Auto Show later this month.

If you haven’t seen the Part 1 photos of this restoration, then click here – Saab 900 restoration photos.

The restoration continues in earnest so as to have the car ready in time for the big show. These photos came in yesterday from SaabUSA and as you can see, they’re making some good progress. Gripen received the photos yesterday as well and I’m sure he’s not the only only one wondering where they get all the bits to put this car back together in such a pristine state.

It’s going to be a great addition to the GM Heritage Collection.

Click any of the photos to enlarge.

Heritage Saab 900

Hertiage 900

Hertiage 900

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  1. The car that Drew built.
    This looks like something D.B would do after finding a small scratch on the undercarriage.

    Love your work D.B
    And notice that there is green coolant in the reservoir,and i bet this thing hasn’t done 1000km since rebuild.

  2. What’s awesome is we saw this place at SOC this year… I stood right there where the car is sitting. These guys do such amazing work!


  3. Matt – the first bit has got to be comment of the year, I reckon.

    Just passed by the man himself driving down Campbell St in the Souvenir. The Mrs loved it. Great car.

    Jeff, sometimes it’s pink or blue. Showed some of that in the Sweden photos.

  4. Oh, I thought the coolant in the his/hers Viggens had dye in it. I didn’t know coolant came in any color other than green.

    Speaking of Mrs. Swade, I’ve always been curious what she thinks about Saabs, other than that she likes them.

  5. Steve, I didn’t realise that was your lovely wife in the car with you. Hope she wasn’t offended by my one-fingered gesture as you drove past.

    Black 900 isn’t one of my jobs. The turbo housing and exhaust manifold wasn’t originaly painted grey. And the two valve cover bolts should be black. Those air con hoses look like they’re off a later 900, too. I don’t believe the tweeter speakers were available for 1985, either. My binder says 1986 was the first year for them.

    Other than that, she looks like a pretty good job.


  6. Jeff> about the coolant. Yes, it’s green, but what Saabologist was alluding to was the fact that it should run 1000km or so with no coolant after having the head gasket changed. All to do with glycol molecules finding their way between the cleaned mating surfaces and preventing the gasket from initially sealing.


  7. Drew B: I do believe that the accessory tweeter speakers upgrade was available in 1985, at least in the U.S. market. See my scans of the (U.S.) 1985 Saab 900 Gifts and Accessories catalog.

    Are you serious about not running any coolant in the engine for 1000 km after changing the head gasket? Do you run straight water instead or you run no cooling fluid whatsoever? I’m in the process (have been for two years now…) of replacing the head gasket (amongst other things) on my 1985 900T. But I live in hot SoCal, so I don’t know if running 1000 km without cooling is such a great idea. How did they do this at the factory when the car was new? Did they run a 1000 km “burn-in” on every car that came off the assembly line?

  8. Yes there are a few different colour coolants,although they are not really coolants.
    The liquid also acts as an anti freeze in cooler climates and lowers the freezing point of the system.
    And anti freeze/anti boil , comes in several colours depending on manufacturer,G.M’s new long life coolant is a mild orange ,Toyota’s has always been deep red,Mitsy has always had a deep green ,and Ford use blue,and they all taste the same when mixed with a cheap bottle of French plonk.
    And Grippen , when we say coolant we mean the additive not the water.According to Drew who heard it from someone else,although i had never heard or done this in 20 years of fixing cars and having done my fair share of head gaskets.

  9. See, I’ve always used Peak, and that stuff is lime green. I’ve pictured antifreeze as green since I was little, and I figured that’s what made the Peak green, so I figured all coolant was green also. That’s why I thought the color-matched coolant in the his/hers Viggens was so neat.

  10. “GM ARE building…”? “along side” That’s one word: alongside. Someone needs to take a refresher course in the English language.

    Thanks Jim. This is your first comment here, right? Please do come back again. I’m sure how I got by before. SW

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