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First time commenter (I haven’t even moderated it as I write this) posts the following in comments:

I am about to buy new Saab 9-3 2008. I’ve owned many Saabs in the past, my favorite 900Turbo Sport Package.

If anyone has seen the 9-3 2008, any opinions on colors. I am torn between the Snow Silver and Titan Gray Metallic and maybe the Nocturne Blue Metallic..or Black.


The good news is that you can’t lose on any of these. They all look sensational.

What I think it’d come down to for me is my own personal feelings on the tail-lamp surrounds and whether I’d want them to stand out or not.

I like them a lot but I’ve got to admit that I think they look best blended in.

So my personal contribution would be to go with Black or Titan Grey.

9-3 Gripen

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  1. Titan Gray!!! It is sweet on the new 9-3! it contrasts well with the new front end and backend. Everyone has black and silver!!

  2. I don’t care, just spell it right,strewth Steve we should give you an American flag and get you to whistle Yankee Doodle Dandy.


  3. I have ordered mine in snow silver, looks good when its dirty and great when you wash it!
    Love black, but can’t live with it dirty and don’t want to wash it twice a week!

  4. I currently own a black car and unless you are into washing your car every single weekend – I was for the first three months but now regard it as a paint in the ar$e – Id take that gorgeous Snow Silver. Having said that black is THE colour for a Saab so you could just grin and bear it and wash your car a lot! Titan Grey, its nice but a little too dark for my liking. I much preferred the Steel Grey they did away with in 2006.

  5. First, TK needs to get a SportCombi!

    Next, TK needs to order it in the official launch color: Fusion Blue Metallic!

    Finally, TK will enjoy jovial and lustful comments from everyone! At least about the car…

  6. I’d agree with Fusion Blue Metallic, but, if you want stand out tail lights and to be noticed, go for Ice Blue Metallic – that’s a shocker of a distinct color/colour… 😉

  7. i stoped by the dealer y’day and took a close look at snow silver up close and personal. did not blow my mind actually. so my mind is set on Polar White….or Titan Grey. 🙂
    Both look excellent imho.

  8. lighter-colored cars seem to be favored for several reasons, including:

    1) they’re safer. (they get in fewer accidents);

    2) they hide dirt better; and

    3) infer a “pristine” (or sort of “chaste”) quality.

    compelling?–no comment.


  9. Mine is snow silver and looks great. With winter upon us am very happy to have switched out of black, for all the reasons mentioned in previous posts.

  10. I second the Ice Blue nomination. I have it on my 60th Anniversary Convertible and love it. I get more comments on it than the Silver of my 03 Sedan. The pics of Ice Blue do not do it justice. IT IS GORGEOUS!
    Sorry, I am American, so I limited the use of “U’s…”

  11. For me Fusion Blue has been good – had several positive comments – admit I worried about it when I got it as thought I should have gone for black, but no regrets……if replacing today would go snow silver, one parked round corner from me looks stunning.

    Overall though, depends on whether saloon or wagon – IMHO sedan is beginning to look a bit aged, particularly with those black rimmed rear lights. Wagon rear lights still loo innovative and LOVE the side LEDs!!!!

  12. My 2001 9-5 Aero SportWagon was black with tan interior and my 2007 9-5 Aero SportCombi is titan grey with black interior; I much prefer the black exterior. Back to black on my 2009 9-5. BTW, I wish SAAB would get a new red; the current one is too orange.

  13. Look at the colour of the “hat shelf” behind rear seats! for sportsedan only beige available! I think black car with black interior seats and this beige hat shelf.. it don´t looks very good… i will get my ttdi in silver snow.

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