POO competition – Entry #2

Our driver here has emailed me and suggested that these shots be entered for the current TS competition, the Pride Of Ownership competition, or POO, competition.

I’m in two minds about allowing this as a POO competition entry. For starters, I don’t think the owner took the photo and whilst I’m not sure I set that in the conditions of entry I think it might have been an implied condition.

Secondly, I’ve swapped emails with Greg Abbott about the attractions of the Minneapolis-St Paul area and I’m pretty sure he never mentioned this particular soybean field. Or any other soybean field, for that matter.

But considering what just went on there, I can understand why it might be one of his new favourite places where he lives. So what the hell….


The following is from Greg. Click the photos to enlarge:

Saab 9-5

Sunday I and few other local Saab nuts went down and competed in the last Land o’ Lakes Club SCCA RallyCross event of the season – which consisted of a 1.4 mile run on a dirt course set up in a soybean field.

I competed in my 2000 9-5 Aero; there were two 9-3ss’s, an og9-3, and a rusty SPG competing as well. Which was a pretty good showing for Saab, out of 30 cars. There were also 12 Subarus, an Audi 90 Quattro, a highly-modified Chevy S-10 AWD with a Corvette motor; and a bunch of other less impressive cars.

I was not able to compete in the stock FWD section, largely because I have added a Quaife LSD to my 9-5. (duh) The c900 also had to compete in Prepared FWD because it did not have a cat.

I won 1st place in the Prepared FWD, and 10th place in the overall standings; and the SPG took 2nd place, 14th overall (which I took pride in, because I used to own it). The other three Saabs finished 1-2-3 in the stock FWD section, behind us overall.

All of the Saabs finished ahead of most of the Subarus. Low-end torque FTW. (Although personally I thought some of the Subie drivers were complete pansies — I was competing in my daily driver in my first RallyCross, and I was way more aggressive than they were).

The track has many places which were very loose — I thought my 3800-pound car would be at a disadvantage, but I think the weight and the LSD really helped cut through the loose dirt faster than some others. I was running 215/55/16 dedicated snow tires, which worked well.

And any event where Saabs outnumber Hondas 5-1 is a good thing !

The overall winner was not a surprise – the modified S-10. It had two drivers, and the two of them finished 1-2 overall, .07 seconds apart.

Saab 9-5


The POO competition offers the chance for you to really show off your pride and joy, as well as the area you live in, and win some great Saab prizes for doing so.

Full details are here.

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