POO competition – North Carolina style

This latest entry came in last week and to be truthful, I’m not sure if it was intended as a POO entry or not. But it’s got some great shots of the car and some words to go with it, so I reckon it’s worth including.

Our writer is to be known as ‘Baah’ and this is his story:


I am from Sweden but I am currently living in Georgia, USA. A Saab is much cheaper in the US than in Sweden, especially with the present exchange rate. I bought my SAAB 9-3 through the European Delivery Program. Great deal.

It as a 9-3 SC, 2.0T, titan grey, leather, large stereo, 17 inch rims, xenon, heated seats, electric powered seats….basically everything except sun roof and navigation. I am VERY satisfied!

It runs very smooth on highways with the 6th gear. Lots of power, very comfortable and sporty. A lot of people that rides with it or see it are impressed. When I came out from the shopping mall one day, two guys were standing there looking at it it. When I came, they said: ‘That is a bas ass car man!!!’. Another guy said: ‘Looks fast!’

I took some pictures on my car during my trip in smokey mountains this fall.

Bad ass, indeed. Nice ride, Baah…..

Saab Smokey Mountains

Saab Smokey Mountains

Saab Smokey Mountains

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