Pride of Saab ownership in Japan!

It’s time for another POO contest entry….this time from the land of the rising sun.

I’ve heard there’s a small but die-hard legion of Saab fans there, though I’m yet to come across them first hand. I’ve also heard that they’re kinda wild about 900s rather than what we’re about to see here. But this is no less a car to be wild about. On the contrary, this is one substantial Saab.

Our owner in this instance is Stig B, who I’d assume is an expat living in Japan. He writes as follows:

This is my full Abbott Racing tuned 1993 Saab 9000 Aero (Automatic) in front of our house in Tokyo, Japan. This is my second Saab 9000 since December 1992; the first one was a 9000 Turbo S which I bought new, while this second 9000 Aero Automatic was bought used in 2005. As the sharpest viewer will notice, this first year of 9000 Aero Automatic as imported to Japan did not yet have the Aero seats, but the previous year’s “Turbo S” seats which I actually feel are more useful, and I prefer the light grey colour.

I quickly got in contact with Abbott Racing in the UK, and I imported their suspension, racing intercooler, ECU tuning upgrades, bushes etc. For this second 9000 Aero I had the engine head removed and sent it to Abbott by mail and had big valve bore-up and polishing done to it before it was returned and reinstalled. The car has all suspension, engine, bushing, struts and tower-bar, and the complete stainless steel exhaust system upgrades including sports catalyzer. I ended up spending 4 times as much on the rebuild, tuning and modification of the car as I paid for the used base car iself (about A$5000 for the car and A$20000 for everything else.)

It must be noticed that both the previous car (also an Automatic) and the “new” one both got full gearbox rebuilds by the local ZF gearbox agent including upgrades to take the extra power. The reason for choosing Automatic is the notorious Tokyo traffic. The wheels on the car are custom ordered from a Japanese supplier to exact Saab specific bore and offset.

My area of Tokyo is called Setagaya which is a residential district fairly close to the center of Tokyo. Rich and poor lives next to each other, and I feel very sorry for my poor neighbour who last year bought a new Rolls Royce Phantom (he already has a couple of other Rollses and also Ferarris etc I am only hoping he will come to his senses and try a proper Saab some day).

The Abbott 9000 Aero works great both in Tokyo city traffic and on long trips to Mt. Fuji and other remote areas. I especially enjoy that the weight of my Saab is sub 1500 kgs (1480 kgs to be exact) while the horsepower is close to 300 bhp. Every time I drive it, it puts a nice grin on my face 🙂

Now whilst this isn’t quite the kind of photo I was hoping for in the POO contest (perhaps a trip to Mt Fuji is in order?) the car, the neighborhood and the story all warrant publication.

Click to enlarge.

Saab 9000

Thanks Stig!!


The Saab Pride of Ownership (or POO) competition is one where you get to show off your Saab and have a chance at a couple of groovy Saab prizes in return for your efforts.

Full details of the competition requirements, as well as the prizes on offer, are available here.

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  1. Nice Minilites/Ronals (-lookalikes)! Amazing that they also look good on a 9000. Are they 17” ?

    (Nothing wrong with the car or the picture, either !!)

  2. Saab will always stand up from the rest regardless of age. This is one hell of a mighty looking 9000 with these Minilites which I am sure they are 17′. On another note but still on the uniqueness aspect. I just came back from the US and Mexico and saw one brand new 9-3 Aero Cabrio in a highway. My God they do stand up and are dam classy even when moving next to alternative high powered European brands.

  3. I also want to know what those wheels are. Brand and Model? Where did you get them? Are they 17″, or even 18″?

    Nice Aero!


  4. Thanks for the feedback!

    The 17″ wheels are from Panasport

    I believe the model is called “F1” but I cannot see the exact model on the (USA) Panasport site.

    I chose it from a catalog at a Japanese dealer, and they offered custom offset (in my case 25mm) and bore diameter.

    I use 205/45/17 Yokohama Sport tires which I prefer to the Michelins I used previously. The Yokohama snow tires I have for winter use are great as well. 🙂

    Previously I also tried wider 215/40/17 tires, but I found the slimmer 205/45/17 give sharper handling and response.

  5. Checking a bit further; most likely what I have is the model called C8FE in 17″ with 4×108 bolt pattern and 25mm offset. I can’t remember what the bolt diameter needs to be, but this can of course be easily measured.

    There was a time I bought some Italian aluminum wheels made for Peugeot with offset 20mm (which also works well) and 4×108, but only the bolt size was too small, so I had them bored up to the larger Saab bolt size.

  6. WOW!!
    Easily the best 9000 I’ve seen in a LONG time; Not very many rims work with the 9000, but those are PERFECT, even better than the Super Aero rims!
    If I ever own such an Aero, I would immediately order these rims

  7. nice car! I dont know how I missed this posting earlier but nothing is better than a black 9000 aero! Im glad you chose abbott for all of your upgrades, they are an amazing amazing company and I dont think enough saab tuners are fully utilizing the products they offer. I used them when I first started on my AERO.

    Its also even more awesome that your in Japan. My ex boyfriend lives in Japan and he will now be getting japanease saab porn to his inbox! 🙂

    Keep saabin’!


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