Putting the ‘hat’ in Trollhattan

Saab made a hat for me!! OK, they didn’t really.

But they did make a new hat with a map of Scanidinavia on it and Trollhattan written across the front. Cool! (or maybe that should that be “Warm!”)

I’ll be using this to keep my precious noggin warm during that freezing cold Detroit winter in January.

This new Saab Expressions product will be arriving at Elkparts this week. The Elkparts product page is at the following link: Trollhattan Arctic Hat.

Christmas gift ideas, anyone?

A nice warm cap with featuring a map of Northern Europe and Scandinavia with embroidered Trollhattan and contrast stitching details. Knitted in Polycolon, an acrylic-wool-blend yarn that is specially designed to wick away moisture from the head.

Genuine Saab ‘Trollhattan’ beanie hat.

Trollhattan Hat

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  1. I’m so lame. I thought it was “urban camouflage” rather than a map of Europe. Give me a break, I’m “geographically-challenged”: I’m American! 😉

    I could use one of those beanies right about now (I’m on a business trip in Portland, Oregon). But I don’t want to look like a dork if I ever meet-up with Swade in person in a cold climate, so I’m looking at this one. 😛

  2. Being a Canadian, my wife would agree, Greg. It’s a beanie here in Oz, though, and since that quote is from Elkparts I assume it’s a beanie in the UK as well.

  3. I’m “geographically-challenged”: I’m American!

    You’re honest! 😉

    Beanie? It’s a toque, man!

    Toque? Never heard of that – will have to go an look it up. ta.

  4. Yeah… “mössa” or “pirka” would be the general Swedish words, I guess. And then there would be like 100 different regional words for it as well. Where I come from it could be called “luva” or “pirkaluva”.

  5. Hey Gripen – i’m diggin’ the Saab Sport Hat!
    Especially the moisure-wicking function – perfect for my winter marathon training here
    in the northeast!

  6. this is actually the same hat given to people who embark on the ICE EXPERIENCE except the stitching it blue and it says “ICE EXPERIENCE” instead of “TROLLHATTAN”. 🙂 Pic here:

    Click on my name for a photo!

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