Rollin (in) a Cuban

SaabRobz found this modified Saab 96 in an article about cars in Cuba that appeared in Sweden’s Expressen newspaper.

The writer of the article thought it was one of the best Saab 96s he’d ever seen.

SaabRobz disagrees.

Cuban Saab 96

I’m still trying to decide for myself.

Whatever you think of the styling that’s been applied (hello, Subaru Tribeca) you’d have to admit that it looks like it’s been properly done and finished. Perhaps a set of minilites and less-purplish tint on the paint would set it off better?

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  1. I can only guess what D.B would think of this.
    P.S Nice wheel caps though.
    And do i see indicators on the door mirrors for the Americans.
    You gotta love indicators on door mirrors,so every time some dodo knocks one off in a car park your up for $1000 instead of some replacement glass.

  2. That is (or was) a Saab 93, not a 96. Suicide doors, tiny rear window and sleek rear fenders are giveaways. Just proving that a bit of nerdiness is vital to a Saabist.

    Kind of a fun project, although I personally find it hideous.

  3. The downside: It looks like a VW Bug with a fiberglass body kit. It is a shame that one of the earliest SAABs has ended up looking like this.
    The upside: It looks very well taken care of. Given the state of the Cuban economy in general, this is an amazing feat.

  4. Considering the parts and materials (un-)availability, lack of tools, money and Saab-know-how AND the age of the car, I’d say: Respect !

  5. Being that you mentioned Subaru in the article, I wonder if its Saab power underneath. Maybe Subaru? The track is definitely wider than the 93 had, and they used a 5-bolt wheel, not 4-bolt.
    PS: Nice catch Barry.

  6. Indeed, that is no 96, it is a fairly early 93 – sacrilege to do this to it. If it had been a 96 that would have been bad enough- but a boat tailed 93 – an early one with 92 style rear end, what a waste.

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