Saab 9-4x – Hands up if you want one?

In just one month and ten days I’ll be jumping on a plane and flying, coat and gun in hand, to Detroit.

Saab WILL have some new product there to look at and the smart money is wagered on it being the 9-4x crossover vehicle. It’s got to be either that or the new 9-5. I can’t see them taking the trouble of offering to fly me there for anything less. As much as we’d all love it to be the 9-5, I’m pretty sure it’s going to be the 9-4x.

Saab have done a pretty good job of keeping this one secure. There’s been no spy-photos in testing, except for the Saa-vy Trail-7x mule that’s been spotted around Sweden. There’s been no preliminary images or anything. The only word I’ve had is the comments from a few people who saw it at Saab corporate engagements earlier this year in Sweden.

The question going through my mind is – who wants one?

I’ve had no-one at all from the Saab enthusiast community bombarding my email wanting details about the Saab 9-4x. Not a soul. Nobody from the US and no-one from Europe. Zip.

This could be good news or bad news, depending on how you look at it.

The dark side: maybe no-one at all is interested.

The brighter side: maybe this opens up a whole new demographic for Saab, one that doesn’t currently peruse the web looking for Saab information.

If you ARE looking for information on the Saab 9-4x, I’ll be compiling a summary entry soon, but you can also check the entire 9-4x category of this website.

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  1. It’s the same thing as with all those AWD/XD/XC/whatever versions of cars… LIke the Audi Allroad, Volvo XC70 and so on… People don’t know they want one til it’s there in the dealership. Most people don’t need it, that’s for sure, but they will want one.

  2. I want one. Purely as I think it will be cool 🙂 Well, not purely 🙂

    There is a slight practicality advantage over the SportCombi, and with a baby, it will be so much easier to put in and take out the car seat!

    At the moment, we have the 9-3 Aero V6 ‘vert and a Vauxhall Astra. The Astra is what the wife will drive when she finally gets her licence sorted and is also used when we need to take the bubba out AND go with a full load of people and shopping.

    I actually find it easier to put the baby seat in the ‘vert than the Astra at the moment, as getting that belt around the baby seat while bending down and attempting to feed the belt through the catches is proverbial pain. A higher vehicle would make that much easier. The reason it is much easier in the Saab? The front seats fold forward so it is easier to feed the belt through.

    The 9-4X will also hopefully carry on the tradition of Saab safety, and that is another HUGE plus! And heck, I may one day want to tackle Ben Nevis, at least the 9-4X would give me a chance with that 🙂

  3. I have mentioned it in previous posts of mine. I can’t wait for the 9-4X. It’s not that I don’t like my 9-5 Wagon, I truly do, and I wouldn’t get a 9-3 SC, but the 9-4X sounds great, and not just the name. Every week I search the web for spy photo’s, and I haven’t seen any, like Swade mentions. But, heck yeah, I can wait another year, or two, as I probably won’t be able to afford one new. Not right now at least.

    So one 9-4X for me please.

    (It has to be original though, I like the look of the 9-7X, but I honestly don’t want a clone. (Maybe that’s why I like the 9-5’s better than the 9-3’s (non-hatch) 9-3 hatches are awesome)

  4. No, I do not want one. I do not need a SUV. I want a new 9-5 plug in diesel hybrid, but I still hope enough people want a 9-4x, because Saab has to start making mony after 60 years of red figurs

  5. Count me in too – my main worry is that there is going to be a gap between expiry of my MY06 9-3 SC lease in Dec 08 and the new 9-4x shortly afterwards. I am hoping to get an extention on the 903 so I can go straight to 9-4x.

    9-4x will give me the Saab comfort and safety but the practicality plus visibility I and my wife cherish for our family car. The 9-3 is fne for me, but just not that spaceous when you have three kids in the back!! Need more leg/headroom and a decent boot for the dog.

    Roll on 9-4x!!!!

  6. I don’t think I’m in for a SUV either. Cars lower to the ground are better cars to drive, so I am holding for the new 9-5. BUT, I really hope the 9-4X will be a success though, off course I do. All good things for SAAB is good for all of us.

  7. I would consider one based on practicality and it would be my preference over any other brand. But it’s not one that infuses a “want” in me. Somehow, I’m figuring it won’t do what our homely but practical Aztek does easily, haul alpacas. Take the rear seats out and the Aztek has 47″ of headroom at the side rear door entrance and the alpacas just walk right in. I looked at the relatively huge 9-7X and figured there’s no way to get an alpaca in there, just plain lousy layout practicality-wise. And, I’m betting that Saab has played follow the leader and the rear seats won’t be removable, probably just fold down creating a high floor and low headroom, just what I don’t want. I will look at them though.
    I hope you are right about attracting a new demographic swade. I want it to be successful whether I like it or not.

  8. No SUV for me. A SUV is master in combining interesting properties into a lousy result. For instance: great cargo capacity, but you have to lift the cargo too high to be interesting. You’d be better of with a van or a wagon. Big interior, but you can find the same in a sedan. Great view, but at the expense of lousy fuel consumption. Supposedly all-terrain, unless you want to put it to the test. I’m of course not talking about the Defender or the G-class – these are genuine all-terrain. There’s a couple more items, but you catch my drift. All car’s are about mixing image with practicality, but an SUV is nothing but image. And that conflicts with my view of SAAB. At least that’s my POV 🙂

  9. The only way I would buy one is if it hard a third seat, then I would absolutely buy one. I have a family of 6 so that rules out any Saab for at least one of our vehicles. In my opinion if there isn’t a third seat then what’s the point? A wagon, sorry sport-combi, is the way to go.

  10. brushmore, i totally agree with your sentiments – a 3rd row is essential in later versions or the whispered about 9-8x. Swade hosted a very good debate on this recently and there are a significant number of Saabisti who want the same choice of 3-row Saab as our forerunners had with the 96wagon in the 60s. Why is it not on Saab’s radar to be offering families the very useful facility such as that in the Touran or Zafira???? Please Saab.

  11. Nope. Of course, I should never say never. But I cannot imagine myself getting Saab SUV made in Mexico.

    But let´s just wait and see it first.

    I´d say no for a typical SUV, but if it´s more in the spirit of 9X – 9-3X then I´d have to think again.

    Built in Mexico is still a one big issue for me. Nothing against Mexico, but come on, a Saab…

    If it is scandinavian design, it should be made there as well. IMO.

    They should start producing Saabs in Finland again. 😉 It was great to see Viggens and Porsche Boxters coming out from the production line, one after another…

  12. First off – people, it’s a CUV, not an SUV. There’s a difference.

    Second off, yeah, I want one, but I have no money, and I want one because I want pretty much every Saab I see :p I need a new car, and I wouldn’t say no to a 9-4x, though I’d probably sell it the second I got an oppurtunity to get a nice OG9-3, simply because I prefer cars.

    Though, if I were actually in the market for a smallish family hauler and the wife said she wanted to ride up high, this would be my first and last choice.

  13. I am not going to rule out the 9-4X, but I won’t know until I see it. We have a 1972 MGB, a 2007 9-3 convt. and a 2004 Subaru Forester. With 2 good size dogs, we needed the Forester (not too big, full of utility, less $ than the only SAAB wagon at the time, the 9-5.) Now we are already talking about it’s replacement, though it will be a year or 2 down the road. The new Forester that was recently leaked does not look as good as we had hoped. The current Forester has outstanding visibility for us and the dogs. Visibility and safety are our 2 big issues with this replacement. Ideally, I would trade a tad bit of the visibility if I could get a 9-3 SC TTiD XWD here in the states. Baring that, I would definitely look at a 2.0T SC as well.
    I am concerned with the Henco En Mexico, but as I mentioned early, it will all depend on safety and visibility,along with cargo space and pricing. Then there is always the current Forester XT or big rebates of the current generation 9-5 SC to consider…

  14. Family hauler, taller stance, greater ground clearance, more cargo space than 9-5 wagon. AWD option. Diesel option.

    Yes please 🙂

  15. I really would like another SUV and be interested if:
    1) it’s going to be a real SUV and not a glorified wagon
    2) it has the ability to engage full-time 4wd to get through some real snow, mud and so on.
    3) it can tow 3500 lbs or more for hauling snowmobiles, boats, travel trailers/caravans and so on.
    4) it is not going to be too small

    However, I think I’ll need to wait for the 9-8X (size of a Saturn Outlook) coming out in 2018 or be happy with the 9-7X. In other words, I want a real man SUV and not a girl SUV like the Saturn Vue or Honda CRV.. 😉

  16. Where did this 9-8x stuff come from, did I miss a news post? Is Saab really getting a Lambda-based CUV? That would be awesome, because Lambda kicks ass, and a Saab Lambda would kick even more ass, judging by the Enclave and the Acadia.

  17. I haven’t heard anything about a 9-8x, either.

    I would indeed want a 9-4x down the road, albeit a used one. It’s the only hope I have of convincing my wife not to get a used 4Runner or Xterra.

    I’m very much looking forward to the 9-4x; I think an explanation for the lack of “buzz” about it is credited to Saab’s keeping any info about the 9-4x from the public.

    Honestly- if there aren’t any pics or news about the vehicle, what do I have to drool over besides my imagination? 🙂

  18. I’ve learned a few things from reading these comments, most importantly that Wulf is not a girlieman! :p

    My girlfriend is interested in the 9-4x. I am too, but really hoping it comes in a diesel. It would have to be a REAL looker with much higher than expected utility, for me to consider a non-hybrid gas V6.

    As an aside, I used to drive a Toyota 4Runner and it was the best non-Saab I’ve ever owned. That thing was absolutely unstoppable in Colorado snow. But I’ve moved away and really have no need for that type of car anymore……but if I ever go back a 9-3x or 9-4x would be outstanding.

  19. XC60 ?
    Compared to the clean lines of the C30, the XC60 makes me think that ovlov hired a Bangle-scolar, or the man himself to fix the design. Awfully non-scandinavian design.
    Hope any 9-4X looks completely different from that ugly troll.

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