Saab 9-5 Hirsch vs Volvo V70R

I could barely understand a word as this video is in Swedish, but I’ve already watched it twice and could watch it again, and again, and again.

I’m not sure who got the win in this comparison, but I have a feeling it was the Volvo. Doesn’t matter one iota to me because when I see that Hirsched wagon on the screen it’s like there’s nothing else there anyway.

It’s totally consuming.


They could bring these to the US, you know.

I don’t they’ve looked at the case for Hirsch for a long time and in my interview with Steve Shannon on the subject he was quite unfamiliar with the Hirsch arrangement with regards to Saab.

I think it’s totally crazy that they’re not there with a market of the US’s size.

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  1. Swade comments concurred.
    If the blonde figther represents the Volvo has anybody noticed that the blonde fighter is a chick!? Go figure.

  2. If the Volvo won does that make it a better car, I think not, its the Saab all the way for me!
    The 95 is fantastic in any form, a great car to live with, if a little long in the tooth!

  3. The Ovlov won because it had 4 wheel drive and there for could better use its power, less torque stear etc. The usual SAAB story.

    But you could feel that they had already decided that the Ovlov was the winner. Because the SAAB got more negative points and feedback on the same things that the Ovlov lacked. Like the design, none of two the was god locking he said and even that volvo had done little with the design over the standard edition it won. It won the interior to, even though the reporter complaind about that volvo had done to little there to.

    The main issue is that the SAAB is more expencive than the volvo. I think that is unheard of in sweden. But it was only 20000-30000SEK. He also commented that the cost of the total Hirsch package you could bye a nice used 9-5 wagon.

  4. The Volvo won becasue-as the host points out-the Saab (or Soorb) has a ‘bog spoiler’.

    So he did not like the rear wing then…

    And why does he keep saying “orse – hole” ???What’s arse hole about either of these motors.