Saab 9x on video

There’s been some renewed interest in the Saab 9x concept car due to the Design series from last week, and the overhead comparison photos with the Aero-X.

MarkoA asked in comments if there’s video of the Saab 9x – and there is.

I had it posted once previously, but it seems to have been removed by whoever loaded it onto Google’s server.

Thankfully, there’s another copy on YouTube. So here it is!

Either this or the 9-3x would be a worthwhile template for the Saab 9-1 of the future. No doubt about it.

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  1. I remember reading it somewhere that 9X got broken somehow during the press test drive. Drivers were told not to push it really since it´s a one off concept. Well, of course one of them had to try it a bit on the limit.. and lost it. I don´t know how bad was the damage, but it really too some time and efferd to fix it. Because, if I´m not totally wrong, the car was about to go to a show the next day or something.

    By the time when it was shown first time, there was nice gallery in the GM media site about the design and so on. I have some pics somewhere (on a CD) but at the moment íve got no idea where it is. But there was very interesting shots during the process.

    Interesting car in so many ways.

  2. That video seems to be displaying the car’s exterior aesthetics, which IMHO is not a strong point of that vehicle. That is a pug-lookin’ car. Smashed up little thing.

    If they were to restyle it more in the Aero-X style at the front and rear while retaining the excellent utility of it (removable roof panel, folding tailgate, etc) I think it’d be a nice competitor to the BMW 1-series, the Audi A3, MINI, VW GTI, and the ovloV C30. Keep it FWD and throw ReAxs on the rear wheels.

    Too bad this video doesn’t show the cool blue-green indiglo-style interior lighting and some of the other innovative interior features of the 9-X.

    I saw the vehicle in person while it was on display at Hollywood & Highland in Hollywood back in 2001, I’m guessing. Unfortunately it was roped-off at the time so I couldn’t really get right up and see the interior to answer whomever asked in comments a few posts ago if two full sized adults could fit in the back seats. I think so.

  3. It was me who asked about the legroom in the back seats. Do you think that the back seats were movable? On some pics from above, it looks like the headrests are in different position.

    “Keep it FWD and throw ReAxs on the rear wheels.”

    That´s a very good point. Knowing what ReAxs could do it would be very clever idea. It´ll also cut the costs for a good amout. Like JÅ Jonsson once said, they´ll really have to think about 4wd and 9-1. Are people ready to pay such amount at that segment? I´d say no. This is a car that should not cost more than similarly equipped A3, from the price point of view.

    I´ll be very interesting to see how the first spyshots of 9-1 will look.

  4. b. nystedt: the 9-X pre-dated the Nomad coupe concept by at least three years.

    MarkoA: I’m not sure if the seats were foldable, but I believe they were. You can learn more about the 9-X at the microsite though.

    I also believe that XWD would be too expensive to implement in the 9-1. It could be FWD but perhaps test to see if there would be a market for a high-performance version with XWD and perhaps the souped-up Ecotec engine found in the Pontiac Solstice GXP or the Saturn Sky Redline, but with direct-injection, BioPowerized, and with a dual-clutch transmission, of course.

  5. Awesome. What a great car the 9-X is! It would also make a great 9-4X! What about the flexible loading area? Really something different from all other Crossovers. Make it, please SAAB.

  6. Why these comments about XWD being too expensive in a 9-1? Bullshit, look at Suzuki and Subaru. If they can sell 4WD in this class, SAAB should be able to as well. Haldex is a relatively low cost 4WD compared to Audi Quattro and Subarus system. Of course the basic 9-1 will be front wheel drive, but $1,500-2,000 extra for Haldex is not too much for people in New England, Switzerland and Scandinavia. Bring it on!

  7. “it looks like one of the more impracticle cars ever built.”

    Well, that of course, is very much true. But remember that it is a concept. They tend to be always pushed a bit too far being a real production cars. But I think, it´s possbile to imagine what it could be when transformed to a production model.

    Am I the onlyone who thinks that Skoda Roomster got some design ideas out of 9X?

    Only the sideview of a front half of the car? Otherwise that skoda looks quite ridiculous!

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