Saab 9x vs Saab Aero-X – interiors

The recent posts on Saab design, and the comparison between the Aero-X and Saab 9x concepts from a birds-eye view both cught the imagination of some.

I’ve gone looking for other similarities and……well… be honest they’re not that similar. The Saab 9x is more of a utilitarian vehicle. One that they could tidy up a little and actually make if they wanted to. I hope they do so as a 9-1. The Aero-X is a totally mind-blowing eyepopper and won’t ever see a production model that’s remotely close to the real thing.

I decided to post these interior shots, as they’re about as close as the two concpets get. As you can see, the middle tunnel is retained, as is the cool interior lighting ideas. The center consoles are both pretty big, though the Aero-X’s seems to flow a bit more and was certainly a peaceful place to hang out when I got to sit in it.

Both dashboards are dominated by a single-instrument display in the center.

So for what it’s worth, here are the two interiors – the Saab 9x first and the Aero-X following. Click the pics to enlarge.

Saab 9x

Saab 9x

Saab Aero-X

Saab Aero-X

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  1. I like the 9X but the interior is not Saaby in any way. Michael Mauer came from Mercedes and that shows in the 9X..
    The Aero X on the other hand, is more down to roots and focused.

  2. Interesting comparison. To me it looks like 9X is less Saabish. For example flat dashboard – well, 99 had it, but the speedo is from Fiat 500 😉 Gearlever – stupid and soo ugly. Seats are straight from Nissan Z (, and central console – way too bulky being a Saab. But again, it´s a concept. There´s still some nice details in interior as well.

    But Aero X… It simply screams SAAB!! There´s many details that were somehow already present in EV-1. Just look at the pics: steering wheel – awesome, central console – what a beautiful shape, all the gauges and those seats.. I wish that we´ll see some of those in the future Saabs.

  3. Hehe, it seems that we shared some similar thouhghts. I didn´t read Tompa´s text before writing my comment.

    Tompa is spot on, today only some ancient merc could use that sort of straigh-flat dashboard 😉

  4. The 9X interior looks funky and modern but I must agree it does have some MB qualities. The AeroX interior looks like current Audi and MB offerings you see these days which, IMHO, are a step backwards in interior design.

  5. Saab were very,very quick copying the Nissan Z seats.

    The 9-X was introduced in the IAA 2001 (Frankfurt, September 2001) and the Nissan 350Z was introduced in August 2002.

    To be fair, one significant difference between these concepts is (almost) five years.

  6. Yes, those seats are not copies. They just happen to look somewhat similar. Also found on some Honda models if I remember correctly.

    But what about 9-3X interior? It´s there somewhere between 9X and Aero X to me. And again dashboard straight from EV-1 😉

  7. I’d love to see a 9-1 that has the functionality and exterior style of the 9X, but with a more Saab 900/9000-like interior. The center console in both seem to be a bit too intrusive.

  8. As for the seats, I wouldn’t be surprised if the sometimes purchase seats from a third-party vendor who specializes in seats (like Recaro). To design and manufacture seats for a one-off concept car must be incredibly expensive.

    Have you ever noticed how concept cars sometimes make it to production and look pretty similar in production form than they did in concept form, but you NEVER see the awesome interior from the concept car make it into the production model? They’re very revolutionary and cool looking in the concept and then it goes through the inevitable cost-reduction program and the interior in the production model turns into a boring, conservative version. It’s too bad, but if they were to keep the interior features from the concept the production model car would probably cost TWICE as much!

    Swade has reported rumors that the revolutionary instrumentation from the Aero-X might be making it into the production version of the next-gen 9-5, but we’ll see. I’m pretty doubtful of that personally.

  9. That last post should have read “they”, not “the”, obviously. Sorry.

    Another thing to note is that at the GM Heritage Collection building we enjoyed dinner at during S.O.C. they have the original Saturn Sky concept and the interior in that was beautiful. It was this supple high-grade textured taupe leather with powder blue inserts which matched the body color. It doesn’t sound as nice as it looked, but touching that leather had a very nice tactile feel (I wan’t supposed to touch the car, so hopefully none of my Saab USA friends are reading this!). That was some fine soft leather.

  10. The 9-3x looks like a Ford Focus :S. I personally dont like it. 9x is also kinda ugly. But the AERO x, bloody hell, let’s just say that this is my favorite car in the moment 😀

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