Saab Art

Large GriffinMany of you would have seen the giant Griffin stickers that some adventurous types have put on their Saabs. They seem to go mostly on NG900s and OG9-3s. Elkparts sell them, by the way, if you’re feeling a little adventurous.

This is a new take on that particular theme. The car is owned by a guy named Manuel in Switzerland and the sticker was custom designed by his son, Luca.

It’s not just some fancy artwork, either. The car itself is a Saab 9-3 Aero 2.0T and naturally, being in Switzerland, it’s undergone some Hirschery. It’s now putting out around 230hp and rolls on some Hirsch 19-inch wheels as well.

It’s certainly an original and cool looking design. I don’t know how young Luca is bet the kid’s got talent! It takes some confidence to wear some thing like that. But it wears it well.

Click on the pics to enlarge. There’s a bunch of ’em.

Hirsch 9-3

Hirsch 9-3

Hirsch 9-3

Hirsch 9-3

Hirsch 9-3

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  1. That is totally badass.

    I like how Saabs tend to be understated, but two things that are the complete opposite of understatement and are also totally awesome on Saabs are giant griffen decals and whale-tail spoilers.

  2. Love it! From the photo’s it looks very professionally done. But I just don’t think it would have the same effect on my convertible… DAMN!

  3. Of course I’m jealous, I’d love a big ol’ griffin on my car! It would look ridiculous, though, because my car is in such a sorry state at this point…

  4. Love it, I think those decals would also look good on my Graphite Green 9-5 SportCombi.

    Luca, if you read this, I am based in S. Germany maybe I could drop by next time i’m passing Zurich!

  5. hy Markus…

    This is my phone number +41 (0) 76 326 82 08

    Call me if you want some special decals ore what else…i make custom decals in every size and color you want!