Saab at the Tokyo Motor Show

The Tokyo Motor Show was held recently, finishing a few weeks ago. It’s a major show on the Asian calendar and of course, it’s dominated by Asian manufacturers.

But Saab were there. Stig B, our POO competition entrant from yesterday, sent in this shot and commentary from the show.

I just wanted to share a photo I took of the 9-3 Sport Estate as it was displayed at the Tokyo Motor Show recently. The show ended on November 11 after a 17 days run.

I think the two Japanese “show companions”, dressed in white to match the color of the car, look really cute. The stylishly dressed up guy in the rear is a GM/Saab staff.

The car is a top spec Turbo Aero with RHD steering. (Japanese drives on the left side of the road.) However, the car can also be had as a LHD as well (but for some strange reason you still have to keep left on the road ;-)) I asked the staff present about when we can expect the Turbo X in the Japanese market, but I only got a “no comment” reply with an additional explanation that nothing has been decided as yet whether such a model will be imported to Japan.

It felt a bit lonely with only a single car on display, but it seems that this was the GM policy at this show since also other GM brands would have only a single (or very few) car(s) on display. At least I was glad to see that Saab was proudly present at this important show.

Saab in Tokyo

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