Saab Australia – presentation by Parveen Batish

The following video was recorded at the Australian launch of the 2008 Saab 9-3, in Melbourne on November 2nd. Parveen Batish is the Australian General Manager of GM Premium Brands, which includes Saab and Hummer at this point, but will expand to include Cadillac and Camaro in the future.

This presentation provides an overview on the state of things for Saab in Australia at present, including the launch of BioPower in the 9-3 range and the announcement of E85 availability here in Australia. Interestingly, whilst talking about BioPower, Parveen mentions that we should watch out for more models equipped with it in the future, including petrol-electric vehicles.

Bring it on!

The video runs just shy of 10 minutes.

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  1. See my comments on the Jan-Ake quoted OZ entry about the impact that Parveen in making. Ever since it was announced of his transfer from the UK we are reaching record sales year after year. He’s ensured the Diesel go released and now BioPower. It proves that the community wants variety from the brand. We can’t wait for the new models and line up as then sales will clearly increase dramatically.

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