Saab lovin: Photo with a difference – part 5

A few more of this brilliant, somewhat ‘different’ Saab photos….

I’d recommend you don’t try this one where you live:

Loaded Saab

And here’s another one to send a shiver up Drew B’s spine, but otherwise make a lot of people smile:

Monster Saab

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  1. What kind of engine is in that thing? That’s a crazy looking blower.

    I hate hot rods, too, but it’s probably for a different reason. Every time someone takes a ’57 Bel-Air and cuts off the roof and gives it a ridiculous paint job, there’s one more classic car ruined forever. They’re kind of cool, in a way, sure. Hot rodders think they’re carrying on a tradition. Thing is, when this stuff was around originally, these cars were still being built. They were everywhere, and they were cheap. Now, there’s a limited number of classic Detroit workhorses in the world, and every time one gets eaten by a hot rodder, there’s one more gone. Same with restorers: These cars are supposed to be DRIVEN, not GARAGED AND TRAILERED TO CAR SHOWS.

    That being said, that Saab-rod is neat anyway, since most people wouldn’t do this to a Saab, it’s less tragic.

  2. Lol doctored to be sure you dont even have to notice the off center hood cut-out. The 96 motor sits in front of the axle. Even the people who put the capri v6s in these for a kick found they had no room for the radiator.

    You’d have to do quite a bit of cutting to get those wheels in there as well.

    The ideal engine swap for the 96 is a Mazda rotary. Of course you would have to swap the tranny too or find one of those not so common cast-iron V4 transmission cases for that.

  3. Trogg, completely agree with that Mazda engine swap. Because the rotary has a two-stroke-like exhaust sound, it would be even better in a bullnose 96.

    A suitable gearbox might come from Audi, Subaru or Renault 25, perhaps ?

    Jeff, no Saabs were sacrificed in making that ‘rod’.

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