Saab lovin: photos with a difference – part 2

Some more Saabs with a difference……

I don’t think was a standard Saab colur…..

Purple Saab

And these definitely weren’t standard Saab doors….

Black scissor Saab

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  1. OMG I hate scissor doors so much. They’re completely asinine on anything slimmer than a Countach (and the Countach itself was pretty asinine to begin with).

    Countach, fine. Vector W8, ok. Anything else, NO.

  2. the 9-5 is photoshopped, in case someone didn’t notice 😉

    by the way, a guy I know just put scissor-doors on his og900 aero! 😐

  3. Gullwing doors are fine. Impractical, yes, but so much less…stupid.

    I dunno, I like the purple. My aunt would really like it.

  4. the conclusion that only ricers can have scissor doors is like saying that only ugly women can wear pumps (heels).

    i’m not looking forward to hearing what the new (apparently, “cool”) saabs will be, ’cause if they actually look cool, they’ll probably be snickered at for being, “riced.” (koenigsegg’s have sissor doors. and that’s also a cool swedish car.)

    saab needs to shake things up in the design department. the aero-x’s “doors” aren’t conventional, but “they” helped the visual appeal of the car. made it stand out; made it look special.

    i’d love to have a saab with scissor doors, from the factory. (i’d do it now, obviously aftermarket, but i don’t want to take a chance of having the electrical system damaged.)

    i’m not saying that all saab doors need to be scissored….

  5. I believe the functional purpose of the scissor doors as they debuted on the Lamborghini Countach is to open without hitting the car parked next to you in a parking lot.

    After the Countach was first designed they realized it’s so wide that the driver and passenger have no room to open a conventional car door without hitting the car next to them. The scissor doors were a way to solve this problem. Maybe the HUMMER H1 should have had scissor doors! 😉

    Scissor or gull-wing or any other kind of doors on a Saab would be simply aesthetic embellishment, IMHO. Saab typically is of the “form follows function” creed, but I don’t have a problem with owners showing their creative side.

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