Saab lovin: photos with a difference – part 4

A few more of the pics Robin M hunted down from around the web.

Is this a rival for James May’s Salfa Romeaab?

Two-headed Saab

And this won’t be the last 9000 coupe we see….

Saab 9000 coupe

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  1. The 9000 looks like a Mustang 5.0 with a larger trunk. Ick. (Ick Mustang 5.0, not Ick 9000 coupe).

    It would be interesting if someone made one of those double headers out of an NG900 and a C900.

  2. Jeff, back when SAAB was SAAB there was a group of technicians who actually did build a C900 with two front ends like that. It was for some sort of team-building exercise.
    Swade, are there any details remaining online about TAT and the technician’s conventions of old? I know they had some pretty wild projects.

  3. Ubermich – Yeah, I’ve seen a whole bunch of double-headers like this, I just think it would be cool with a C900 and an NG900.

    Or is that what you meant?

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