Saab Pride of Ownership competition update

As promised, there’s been an upgrade to the Saab Pride of Ownership competition. I’m now adding a third prize to the existing prize pool. Small in size, but very, very useful and very, very Saab.

But first, a quick review. The full details are here.

What you need to do:

Take a photo of your Saab near a landmark of your area. Something scenic, something prominent, something famous or something soon-to-be famous. Whatever it is, take your shot and then send it in with 100 words or more about the car and the place.

Entries should be sent to me at

So far we’ve had entries from New York, Minnesota, Japan, Mont St Michel and North Carolina. All those are great, but we need more!!

What you can win:

First Prize is an instant Saab library, comprising the following five titles:

    Mr Saab
    Saab 9-3 – An entirely new Sport Sedan
    50 Years of Saabs
    Saab Welcome Book
    The Spirit of Saab

Two of those titles are pretty hard to come by these days – The Spirit of Saab alone will cost you over $200 at Amazon – and they’re all excellent reading.


The second prize is provided by my good mate John at Elkparts, where you should be doing all your Saaby Christmas shopping.

It consists of a Nallis Bear soft toy and a 9-3 SportCombi backpack.

My enduring thanks to Elkparts for these valuable prizes.


The third prize, which wasn’t announced before, is an UrSaab 1GB USB drive.

These are genuine Saab accessories and will hold heaps of photos or documents. It’s black, rubbery, and in the shape of UrSaab, and when you pull off one end it reveals the USB connection.

USB drive


I was going to postpone this competition due to the northern winter, but you all said to let it ride. So here we are.

Entries close Dacember 31st, though I’ll reserve the right to extend that if a number of images come in between Christmas and New Year. You’ve got to have time to see them before voting.

So get snapping! Winter scenes are more than OK. It’s Saab’s natural habitat.

Show us where you live and mot of all, show us your Saab!

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  1. Did I miss a post. Is the deadline now extended to December 31? The original post said the 20th. The 31st will give better opportunities for snow shots.

  2. We are supposed to get some dreaded ‘lake effect’ snow in Cleveland this weekend so this could be an opportunity. Nice to see the news is already trying to induce winter driving panic among the locals…

    I am out to find a cool backdrop for the 9-3. 🙂

  3. Very cool! I like the addition of the USB jump drive, has mine is starting to bite the dust for some reason.

    I should have plenty of time to do a full detail and grab some photos 😀

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