Saab Pride of Ownership – Spanish Style

It’s time for another post in the Saab pride of ownership competition.

This one’s from Andreas and whilst he lives in Switzerland we’re heading off with him to sunny Spain in a very, very nice convertible.


The attached picture was taken in summer 2007 at my favourite place near Valencia in Spain (sorry, not exactly where I live in Switzerland ….. but at my place there is not a landmark worth of taking a pic).

I’ve been many times there for holidays on a nice camping site, just opposite the road from where the pic has been taken. In past, I went down there with my 1986′ 900 turbo, later on with a 9000 turbo and now the first time in my 2001 Hirsch-tuned 9-3 Aero convertible.

The journey from Switzerland to the Mediterranean Sea (1300 km) and back was really fun in this car. Well, to be honest, the original Aero-suspension might have been a little more comfortable then the Hirsch one ….

Anyway, it was also a pleasure to use the car for some daytrips along the cost. Nothing more enjoyable then driving top-less on picturesque roads with low traffic and the sparkling sea within eyespot most of the time.

Saab Spain


Full details of the competition, and the prizes you can win are at the link at the top of this post.

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  1. Very nice.
    I love Spain,one day i might try to live there (again)
    Valencia is the home of the America’s cup in 2007.
    And is that photo Peniscola?
    Stop showing me photos of Spain,i gotta get me traveling shoes back on.
    IBIZA is still my favourite place in Spain,mad nightlife and historic towns all within a short stroll,on a magical little island.

  2. Saabologist, I live near Barcelona……and I give you this Fu**** country, we are in europe but we are in many things more like a third world country. I am really tired of living in this country.


  3. jejejeje….ok……..

    You must read, the news here in Spain all about the colapse of the communications, transportations here in Barcelona. With the big delay of the new AVE(high speed train, to communicate Madrid-Barcelona-France), now it added big problems of the construction, holes in the land, bad execution of the construction, interruption of the train services and jointly the collapse of the public transportation of the city and the road access to the city. This is a big mess that cames from a decade ago. Now the authorities, for some stupid consideration of been green, they introduced a rule of a max speed in every highway around the city of 80km/h. You can imagine, in a rush hour the average speed is 20-30km/h, in normal conditions you have a max speed of 120km/h. With a lower speed, more congestion, and then also the people will reduce the top gear to a lower gear, then…….more pollution and more congestion.

    We have more radars in the higways here than in a US Army base xDDDDDD.

    few days ago appear a report about the quality of the public education in Spain……. Catalonia in the worst place in Spain, and Spain in the worst place of Europe.

    The productivity of Europe is one of the worst in Europe. Our economy is based in lower labour costs, you can imagine how many companies closed to move jobs to another countries. A big example the Automotive Sector.

    The tourism that come here every year is becoming of fewer quality, as we say here, its a “drinking tourism”. For example the last Football match, between Barça and Glasgow Rangers. From 20000 of scotish people came here to see the match, only 6000 had tickets to enter the stadium, you can imagine what they do all the time………..drinking beer in las ramblas and leaving the city with a lot of dirtiness. Then the council of the city didn’t say absolutly nothing. The worst thing is that in Barcelona is forbided to drink alcohol on the street.

    now with a reform of the law if you go over 180km/h in a highway, you can go to prison. If you kill someone with a gun or similar, you can’t be more than 20 years in prison, if I remember well. Many burglars and specialized eastern criminal organizations, come here to do everything what they want with high violence and with all the impunity because the law can’t actuate.

    and so, and so and so…….I am really tired of this country, its a big disaster. The best thing, to be at home in the spring with 25-30º, low breeze, low humidity(here there are a lot of humidity and with high temperatures its horrible) and enjoy the Saabs, xDDDD


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