Saab Turbo X – Know what the dealers know

Here’s some dealer info on the Turbo-X. Sourced from GB, it’s got some useful stuff there such as comparisons against the Aero model.

Cheers to Djup Strupe for the supply. Click to enlarge.

Saab Turbo X

Saab Turbo X

Saab Turbo X

Saab Turbo X

Saab Turbo X

Saab Turbo X

Saab Turbo X

Saab Turbo X

Saab Turbo X

Saab Turbo X

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  1. I may have missed this in previous posts, but do we know when XWD will be available in vehicles other than the Turbo X? Is it likely that it will be available on the Aero by March 08 as well, or will that follow later?

  2. Given that the TurboX will be on the market for late March as per dealer info above. I doubt the aero XWD version will be out at the same time. My guess ordering will open about 3 months later for 2009MY. (UK)

  3. I really want the combi version that looks just like the above press shots with satnav, but by my reckoning the RRP is £37,045 – Aye-curumba!

    If any UK dealers read this and can offer a good discount – then please get in touch 😉

  4. Good information — why can’t they make this kind of stuff available to the general public? I hate it when you’ve not got enough to go on.

    LIke right now — I’m shopping for different TV services (cable vs. Dish vs. DirecTV) and their package information is incomplete! So I’ll have to call them up and ask a million questions when if they had the suff available in the first place I could make an informed decision.

  5. That car loks really nice but is going to need more power than that if it wants to compete with the 3 series. anyword on when this will be heading stateside?

  6. $70,000.00 US is alot of money for an upgraded 9-3 if they hold the price from the U.K. Thats almost 2 – 3-series BMW’s! Surely they won’t cost that much, anyone know?

  7. David, I asked the same question around the time of the introduction of the Turbo X. According to Swade’s response, the US always gets the more aggressive price structure, and his best estimate for the US was around US$40,000 – still relatively steep.

  8. I still think they should have pushed the bhp over 300 just to make a statement. If the car is going to cost about 40000 US Pesos (sorry I couldnt resist) that means we here in Canada are gonna get ripped off to the tune of C$50000 which will make it more expensive that a base 335i. Dangerous territory!

  9. Day after day and week after week I read your write ups about how great this car is compared to all the different cars. Maybe this is where the rubber meets the road (pun intended). Is it as good or isn’t it, maybe GM wants to know do they have a winner or not.

  10. Those are a hell of a lot of options that should come standard, like the upgraded interior, audio system, and larger wheels. They better not be the same options for the US market.

  11. It’s a statement from Saab to not push it over 300 bhp. The car is still fun so it doesn’t need.

    Less is more…
    Move your mind

  12. Ok, so the UK gets the bluetooth option but not in the US because of the Onstar garbage…I wonder if any kind of retrofit can be done to ‘fix’ this issue…

  13. I am sorry but am I the only one that thinks the whole “Move your mind” thing goes back to the days of “two college professors, and three geeks” driving Saab. Driving a Saab is FUN, it is alive, it is awesome!

    I completely agree that BFJ was a great start but now there needs to be more, and there needs to be more ads. What good is a great campaign if it isn’t told to anyone.

    TS is a great Blog, but it only expresses how Saabistis already “feel”. It won’t sell cars (more than one or two).

    One thing folks like in the US more than cylinders is horespower. They don’t care how you get it, 2 cylinders, 4 cylinders, or what ever. The combination of 4 cylinders (good gas mileage-soothes the guilty consience) with horsepower (the cowboy in all of them) gives them goosebumps. But someone has to get it out there to them. The Turbo X has the potential of setting the US on fire, if GM will do some decent marketing.

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