Saab Turbo X vs Audi S4 and others….

Greg Abbott has done a little more digging into the very brief comparison posted on the Saab USA website between the Saab Turbo X and the Audi S4.

Saab’s comparison looks like this:

SaabUSA comparison

Greg’s added to the comparo with the following:

Turbo X vs S4

One note – I believe that 0-60 figure should be around 5.7 seconds.

Now the good news from all this is that with the Saab’s weight advantage and beefy low-end torque, that it should pace pretty well in comparison to the S-line.

With the XWD system it should definitely have some handling benefits, too.


My main worry when I wrote my 0.02c worth on the pricing of the car was the perceived premium prospective buyers would have to pay over an A4, rather than an S4, and I still maintain that concern.

It’s a hefty price premium over the top level A4, which has pretty useful performance and a class-leading interior. I don’t like Audis at all, but credit where credit’s due.


Ken B, in comments, has also taken the time to do some build-work that I didn’t have time to do last night when the pricing news was posted.

To continue my pricing questions, I built some configs myself. For what it’s worth, according to Edmunds:

2008 9-3 Aero + Touring & Cold weather Packages + upgraded leather + metallic paint = $38,910

2008 9-3 Aero as above + estimated $2K for XWD and $1K for eLSD = $41,910

2008 9-3 Turbo X = $42,510 (does this include the touring and cold weather packs? If not, add $1,445.)

Exclusivity and “bling” seem to cost about $600-2,000. That’s a fairly cheap “halo” (I’d gladly pay it in the afterlife, if they accept AmericanExpress!)

2008 BMW 335xi starts at $41,575 (including the destination charge). Add in cold weather and premium packs, along with park assist and metallic paint for $45,800.

2008 Audi A4 3.2 quattro starts at $38,025. Add in the convenience and cold weather packs along with aux jack, rear side airbags, park assist, sport suspension, and metallic paint for a total of $41,950.

2008 Volvo S60 2,5T AWD with advanced, premium, and climate packages along with metallic paint for $36,604. (But it’s the weakest engine of the group.)

This may be a bit more apples for apples than the initial post that I wrote. It’s hard to tell without a full equipment and ‘intagibles’ check list.

Bottom line: the Saab Turbo X is going to be one heck of a car and if I had the money I’d pick one up in a snap. I just wonder whether owners from other brands will see the price and still consider taking a test drive.

I hope so. It deserves it.


The other thing about all this comparison stuff, including everything that I wrote last night, is that it’s all somewhat redundant anyway.

These are a limited edition and will sell. The real comparison of importance will be the Aero version with XWD as that’s what’s going to be on sale on a continuing basis.

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  1. I should add that the “hp per pound” category should be “pounds per 1 hp”; and that the lower number is the better one.

    A Corvette Z06, weighing 3162 lbs. with 505 horsepower, has only 6.2 lbs per 1 HP.

  2. See, how hard would of it been for Saab to come up with a table with some meaningful performance data.

    Grrr. SaabUSA continues to disappoint me. Though now that pricing has been release I might go talk to my local dealership about when they might expect one. I have to take my car in for a fog light, so might as well snoop around.

  3. This is quite an interesting debacle on the S4 vs Turbo X and the new M3 should also be added to this comparison. The fundamental difference to focus on is the figures of performance as “out of the box” and compare too the engine capacity. The S4 (and other S-RS options) as well as the latest M series are now clearly focused to service the US market in the V8 + category/mentality. Similarly to the desires in OZ for rear wheel drive. From that point of view this is one of the fundamental key advantages that Saab offers with the turbo engines. Clearly if the Turbo x is only in the 0.4 secs differential region in the 0-100 ks this car is a ripper. Spend $1.5K or so on an ECU upgrade and it will be faster, leaner, more economic and much more fun to drive as it will accelerate faster out of corners. I am sweating on getting one…..time will tell !!!!

  4. I am sure the Turbo X is an awesome car and a great marketing tool but wouldn’t it be smarter to put the XWD in the 2.0T first and offer at $30K? I hope Saab will someday wake up from their dream they can really compete with the German big three. Maybe with the next generation 9-3 and 9-5 but not with the current line-up.

    That attempt of comparative advertising with the Audi S4 is pretty sad and I hope they pull that as soon as possible. Is this from the new advertising agency or Saab’s marketing department?

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