Saab USA tweaks available offers

Tim B has shot through an email to let me know that SaabUSA have made some subtle tweaks to current offers.

The first one is some additional bonus cash available for some people as part of a holidays promotional offer.

Fly home ad

Tim’s also pointed out the Freudian-slip in the ad, which I’ll let you pick up for yourselves.

The bonus cash is $500, which I assume you’d use for fuel so you can drive home and see your family at Christmas, not actually fly.

The second interesting tweak makes it a little easier for those of you who own older Saabs to get into a new one – and I think it’s a great initiative for retaining some customers.

The Saab loyalty bonus varies between $1,000 and $2,000 depending on which model you’re buying. There’s also a lease amount, which seems to be $1,000 accross the board. If you’re the owner of an eligible Saab then you get the loyalty bonus off your new car price (terms and conditions and all that stuff apply, as usual).

The interesting part is that they’ve now extended the age limit of eligible Saabs back to 1994. I’d never paid total attention, but Tim informs me this is a 5-year extension on the previous age limit, which accepted 1999-onwards models as eligible for the bonus.

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  1. Yeah but the $500 is only for MY08 models (obviously). I guess they really aren’t selling.

    This promotion ends on the 19th though (4 days from now), so people mights as well wait for the next round of incentives.

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