Saluting the competition

Just going through the pics from the Melbourne trip…..

I know, it’s very childish, but fun nonetheless.

BMW Salute

And whilst I’m here, word about town is that I’m about to change teams, however I can confirm that this is totally unfounded, despite evidence to the contrary…..

Swade plate

Nice pic, Tony 😉

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  1. Swade, I’m not fooled for a second.

    A “holiday” in Melbourne – home to Saab/GM HQ here. A new HSV ( GM offshoot for all you non-Aussies) with personal plates……..

    I fear that our hero has taken a trip down the dark side and may not return. Don’t cash the cheque Steve, there’s time to repent. Their promises will add to nothing. Remember, just click your heels and repeat:

    Theres no place like Trollhattan,
    Theres no place like Trollhattan …

  2. Cripes Biggles, the old bas..rds gown over to the other side.

    A colonial car- in black with a personalised Queensland plate- how ebsolutley dreadful.

    Deport him to Tasmania on the next ship and tell him its Trollmania.

    You better not have take their schilling mate

  3. Somehow I knew you’d appear on this post, PT, but not for that reason. I thought you’d be noting some sort of Freudian desire I was exhibiting for BMWs or something.

    No gents, no smoke or mirrors here. Though I wish I had got in touch with them if only to see if there was a 9-5 I could have taken for a few days – as a review vehicle, of course…..

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