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Numbers haven’t been published yet, but I can tell Aussie Saabers that sales were up in October by 37% over the year before.


Today is the day when I’m supposed to be going to one of the more exclusive events on Melbourne’s social calendar – Derby Day. Saab have their Ice Bar set up in The Birdcage, which is hands down the hottest ticket in town today.

My pass to get into The Birdcage is sitting here on a coffee table, but I’ve woken up this morning feeling pretty darn sick, so the beautiful people will have to go on being beautiful without me bringing them down.

The saddest part for me is that we’ll have to rely on others for photos of it all.


And on the Ice Bar that Saab have built….

One journo mentions it in a piece on Australia’s poor record when it comes to climate change:

But it’s a jolly good thing those refreshment tents have gone up at Flemington. I particularly like the sound of Saab’s ice bar — somehow the idea of a car manufacturer creating a mini-Antarctica that will slowly melt as cup day rolls on seems exquisitely apt.


I’ve got around 10MB of emails and attachments to get through at the moment. What a difference missing a day can make! To those who have emailed me about various things, I have got it and will hopefully get around to checking it all out and responding where appropriate soon. Cheers.


BusinessWeek has put together a list of the 20-heaviest discounts in America at the moment. Among them, the Saab 9-7x.


And further on discounts, Edmunds have reported the US industry’s incentive figures for October 2007. Once again Saab are at the wrong end of the table (who’s saying that their incentives aren’t enough?)

Cadillac spent the most, $4,953, followed by Saab at $4,790 per vehicle sold. Relative to their vehicle prices, Saab and Mercury spent the most, 14.5 percent and 13.0 percent of sticker price, respectively, while Mini spent virtually nothing and Scion spent just 0.6 percent.

But apparently this isn’t all bad news:

“It wasn’t long ago that the big spenders invested over $7,000 per vehicle,” commented Edmunds’ Senior Editor Michelle Krebs. “Automakers are really sticking to their guns, staying true to the real-world pricing strategy they have talked about.”


If you’re wondering why a bunch of websites are featuring Saab’s press release on their new safety technology – where they have computers reading your eyes and seeing if you’re drifting off to sleep or not concentrating – well, it’s not on this site today for a very good reason.

The reason: it was on this site around a week ago, thanks to ctm providing a tranlsation of the Swedish release when it first came out.

We aren’t just ahead of the Saab curve here at TS – we’re holding the freaking pencil that draws the curve – yeeeeha! I might be feeling sick but that doesn’t mean I can’t feel happy 🙂


A great collection of photos from The Saab Festival has popped up on Flickr. It’s from SaabRobz, whose photos have featured here previously as well.

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  1. Can’t do it, gents. I was off sick for 3 days last week and can’t risk getting sick again. It’s raining and pretty cool-ish here today. And my butt is acting like an angry Mt St Helens this morning (too much detail, I know).

    Also, it’s no small logistical exercise to get to the event. There were 130,000 people at Flemington for this race meeting last year, so getting there’s a slow process so a five-minute pop-in really isn’t an option.

    On the positive side, I’ll probably go for a hoon in AlAero’s 9-3. And then there’s the Lakers-Phoenix game on TV……

  2. I’m shocked that the day after eating pizza and sushi you wouldn’t be feeling well. Seriously though, get well soon.

    I’m not sure AlAero’s going to let you into his 9³ after reading your Mt. St. Helens analogy. 😉

  3. Lakers-Suns. The Lakers once again have nothing but Kobe, and he whined enough about not being traded this summer that he’s already mentally checked out. They are going nowhere fast. If Stoudamire’s rickety ankles last throught the season, the Suns have a shot.

  4. damn I would have dressed up as Swadey and gone in his place to Derby day!! The GF just lives down the road too… and I take a mean photo! 🙂

    Oh well, maybe enxt eyar I will get an invite from Saab OZ…


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