Should I delay the POO competition?

UPDATE: the people have spoken and the POO contest continues in its current form.

I’ve even got another prize to add and an extended deadline for final submissions (previous deadline was Dec 20) – coming up soon.


As we’ve just had a federal election here over the weekend with a sweeping change in the government, including the Prime Minister losing his own seat in parliament, I’m feeling a little bit democratic today.

Upon launching the Pride of Ownership competition a few weeks ago (POO competition, for short), there was a tide of comments that came in about the northern winter possibly playing havoc with people getting the sort of photo they’d really like to.

Entries have been slow coming in, but I’ve been in holiday mode and haven’t really promoted the competition much.

So, given that there’s no pressing need to have this competition right now and that having it later might give us all a better chance to show cars off to their full potential, what say ye to the idea of postponing the competition until February or March next year?

The same prize pool should be available. It may even grow between now and then.

Thoughts in comments, please….

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  1. February or March not gonna help us in Sweden. Is usually as bad then as it is now. In May, the the nature explode and goes green and everything is beautiful. But that’s a long time. Run this thing as planned. 🙂

  2. You’ll be running into weather problems no matter what time you run the competition considering this is a world wide blog…. Why not keep the contest running but extend the deadline. You can post entries as they come in, and then give us a big reminder post near the end of the contest, followed later with the results.

  3. I’d say stay the course, if anything extend it to the end of December.

    Once school is over, I’m dedicated a day to detailing the car (usually how long it takes) and taking her out. I just need to think of a sweet place to take a picture haha.

  4. Personally, I don’t have a preference. I live in L.A. We don’t have seasons. 😉

    I have a couple of ideas for submissions, but won’t have much time before the current deadline to take the shots as I’m going out of town on business again this week. Hopefully I can get the shots later in the week when I get back.

  5. I was actually looking forward to see some pictures in snowy, icy and frosty conditions. It , thdoesn’t necessarily has to be nice and green outside to make a good photo. These are Swedish cars after all and it is all about the landmark and the cars. I’ll need to wait until May when it starts to get green here in Michigan again.

    As mentioned by Charles, perhaps extend it until the end of December as there is usually lots of free time during the holidays.

  6. well, truly, yesterday I got up at 4:30 AM to head to a local park to catch the sunrise – which I did.
    I did it in my polo shirt, and took two rolls of film over the course of 2 hours – all for the POO contest.
    The film is in my entryway waiting to get developed tomorrow – so I am ready and eager to get my entry in…from God’s country, come rain or come shine. 🙂
    …just gotta write my blurb. This contest takes a little more time and planning than the ideas for your license plate, so the entries should be a little slower coming in to you.
    Stay the course.

  7. 4:30 is too early for me but it takes about 1 and a 1/2 hours to get to a landmark of any significance that is closest to me. But I’ll get there hopefully soon… 🙂

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