Site stats – October 2007

Once again it’s a new month which means that sales figures should be coming out soon. It also means it’s time for my monthly reminder to Saab that there’s value in these new-fangled website thingies.

Site stats Oct 07

Trollhattan Saab entertained an average of 3,627 unique visitors per day during October and it served up an average of 5,996 pages per day to those visitors.

These figures are down a little from September, which I’d put down to the Turbo X spike during that month. There were no spikes at all in October and whilst the site is yet to show real recovery from the hit it took in July, I have to be happy with the consistent performance.

Hopefully the link-rebuilding exercise undertaken this month will wash through Google’s servers soon and search traffic will begin to build again. That exercise continues as time permits and thanks to the various people who helped out this month. I’d also like to thank all of you who come back here time and again, and the many contributors who send stuff in for us on this site.

As always, feel free to tell your fellow Saab-loving friends about it and if you’ve got a site of your own – a link to this site would really help re-establish the presence of TS on the web (and if your site isn’t already linked in the sidebar and it’s a Saab-focused site, just let me know and I’ll add a link – pronto).

Here’s to a great November!

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  1. Sales data for October – Sweden

    I’ll post a short one here if Swade is away on his trip already…

    1 – Volvo V70 -16% (there is a new model)
    2 – Saab 9-3 +65% (+18 for the year)
    3 – Volvo V50 +37%
    4 – Saab 9-5 -20% (-25 for the year)

    This is the top four for both October and the whole year. Good work by the old 9-5!

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