Some more of that white 9-3 Convertible

Everyone’s loving the 9-3 Convertible in white, and Saab Australia’s press material contains a swag of photos of it on the road.

Here’s a selection:

Saab Convertible 2008

Saab Convertible 2008


Saab Convertible 2008

Saab Convertible 2008

Saab Convertible 2008

Saab Convertible 2008

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  1. I really like how the front lip spoiler thing is nearly invisible…it makes the car have an F-22 Raptor feel, what with the diamond foglight holes.

  2. Riku – (at least in the US) Polar White is available only on the 2.0T model SS and SC – not Aero. Arctic White is available on all convertible trims.

  3. So, it’s a market-specific thing (and not related to the assembly location).

    The last time I looked, there was no white available for SS/SC in our (finnish) market.

  4. Is there some place where we can find hi-res scans of these images? Did I miss that?

    There is no way that color is polar white, it is way too bright. My family and I used to joke by calling it polar bear white.

  5. Polar white looks almost creamy, like milk and it is avaialble for the 9-5. That one, as dazzling as it is, is not Polar white. I am prejudiced but I do think white (any variation) is the snazziest of the colors.

  6. OK, thanks, ehall. I must have used a wrong name. The point of my question was, is this (pictured) white (whatever the name) available for SS/SC or convertible only.

    (as I wrote there doesn’t seem to be a white color option for SS/SC in our market)

    I’ve never been a fan of white cars, but those pictures made me reconsider…

  7. Saaboy: When that black part starts to go white (if it’s black plastic), you pull out the Armorall, back-to-black, or your choice of any other products you should have been using all along. If it’s painted black, you kick yourself for neglecting it and hope some polishing compound and wax will make up for the years of neglect ;o) The black trim on my 1993 Saab looks as black as ever. Same went for my 1985 BWM which had a LOT of black plastic bumper trim. All that to say that I don’t think it’ll be a problem.

    On another topic, I think white cars look great. It brings contrast between tires/wheels/glass/etc. and the body work. Really like this look.


  8. That car is a beaut! While I am biased to white, polar white is more elegant. Arctic white is just too bright!

    It is dumb polar isn’t available on the Aero, nor the anniv. edition.

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