Steve Shannon interview – Born From Jets

Here’s another instalment of the interview I conducted with Steve Shannon earlier this month.

In this section, I ask Steve about the Born From Jets advertising campaign, which was the subject of some considerable discussion here at the time. Steve reflects on what the campaign means for Saab in the US, and touches a little on how they plan to evolve the campaign in the future.

Previous instalments of this interview, which went for an hour in total found be found at the following links:

Session 1: What Steve Shannon does for a living

Session 2: SaabUSA’s year in 2007



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  1. Thanks to Swade for making this available.

    Thanks to Steve Shannon and Jan-Willem Vester for communicating so well with the enthusiast community. I feel like Saab USA really makes an effort to reach-out and embrace their core fans and this is just another example.

    On an unrelated note, for a guy from the Boston area Steve Shannon has no accent. My grandfather was born in Lawrence, Massachusetts and moved to Glendale, California on his own when he was just 16-years-old but to this day he’s got a thick Boston accent. “Pahk ya cah in Hahvud Yahd”. The guy’s 83-years-old and has lived in accent-less Southern California for almost 70 years. Most of us suspect though that he plays it up as a way to stay unique…

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