Steve Shannon writes more on the Saab Turbo X

Steve Shannon has posted another item on the GM Fastlane weblog to coincide with the US debut of the car at the New England Auto Show earlier today. And he’s giving it the full bag of praise:

I do not hesitate to call the Turbo X the most satisfying Saab of all time.

He may well be right.

The pricing is going to be an initial shock but if enough people get in and test drive one of these they’ll see that this really is a brilliant new driveline. Steve provides a good, plain-english and engaging description:

The Saab cross-wheel drive system uses the same vehicle sensors that are utilized by the electronic stability control system to monitor wheel speed, yaw rate and steering angle. Superb handling and driver control is maintained by directing the torque to the appropriate wheels as required … dramatically improving the performance capability of the chassis. This effectively tames understeer and oversteer, raises the threshold where electronic stability controls step in with braking or throttle interventions, and gives the driver more active involvement in hard driving situations.

Larger brakes and a special sport-tuned and lowered chassis have been incorporated to take full advantage of the cross-wheel drive system and high-torque powerplant of the Turbo X.

I drove a pre-production XWD SportCombi in Sweden in June. It definitely had the full XWD system. The only question that was left in my mind was whether or not it the fully tuned 280hp engine or the 250hp of the old Aero. These were test cars.

It was one heck of a fun drive and if it was the 250hp car then I can only imagine how much more fun the 280hp version would be.

Steve’s article is a good, quick read and recommended.

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  1. Saab needs to sell thousands of exceptionally well handling cars to compete in its biggest market as 600 sales isnt going to make much of a difference. While I love the aesthetics of the car I still think it should have had 300-plus bhp more as a marketing ploy than anything else as it seems, well, limp compared to the competition. I am 99pc sure the XWD handles like a dream – Swade told us so I and I have faith in a guy who is totally nuts about Saab and genuinely knows what he is talking about – but I think all Saabs should handle like a dream. Put the XWD/eLSD as a $1000 option on all 9-3s and they will, pardon the pun, fly out of dealers!

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