Sunday Night….


I know you’re probably seeing a lack of entries today and you think I’ve been sitting on my hands all day, or maybe actually having a life! But no…..

Today I had three or four attempts at editing some video on the Mac but once again the voices seemed all messed up. Same settings as last time I did video, but slow-sounding voices. So I got out the laptop and used Vegas, the Sony software I have and everything worked fine (after I taught myself how to use it again).

Then there was the loading-up-to-Google problem, with the upload dropping out twice. It’s 15 minutes long so YouTube wasn’t an option, and I usually find YT loads more consistently that Google Video, which I know is stupid, but anyway. I’m now using Google’s desktop uploader and am crossing my fingers that it’ll work alright.

So hopefully I’ll get something for everyone to read/look at soon.


And to all the Mac lovers, video processing was one of the main reasons I got my Mac, but it’s proving to be a bit inconsistent. I love the machine, but I’m not sure if I’ll repeat the transaction next time around.


It’s the month of hatch loving.

Load up your hatches and send in a pic.


And whilst we’re on the subject of photos – prizes for the new TS competition are now finalised. Details in the next few days, but the basic outline is here.

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  1. Swade – As someone who teaches technology and video editing everyday, I’d be more than happy to help you out. I’m sure it’s an easy fix. I will tell you from experience PCs are NOT the way to go with video editing. You will have SO many more problems. Yours might be just a software reload, hard drive or memory issue.

    I don’t want to hijack this thread, but if you want to email me I can help you out.

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