Sweet Greets from Melbourne

Howdy all, from one of the many McDonalds in the Melbourne CBD.

Bloody hot here today, at least for a Tasmanian.

Saabs spotted so far include a beautiful 2.0t SportCombi and a faccelifted 9-5, which was a bit of a surprise.

Gearing up for Detroit continues with the purchase of a new digital SLR camera yesterday. I went with Canon. A D400 with three – count ’em: three – lenses. One of them may be surplus to my needs, though. If anyone wants a brand new, in-the-box, 75-300mm lens at a good price, then let me know.

Our young bloke at home has left open the email app on the Mac, meaning that any email I’ve received has downloaded to the Mac at home and I can’t access it here in Melbourne. So if you’ve emailed me in the last 36 hours, please re-send to swade99@gmail.com or be happy in the knowledge that I won’t see it until the weekend.

I’ve received a few entries already for the photo competition. Keep ’em coming! I’ll start posting them in a few days.

And if you haven’t already, scroll down and read Eggs’ great counterpoint on the V8 question.

Happy Saabing!

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  1. So the vacation consits of bringing Mrs. Swade to a burger joint in Melbourne while you update your site and do some Saab spotting? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Just kidding… Have a nice week! ๐Ÿ™‚

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