Thanks to all who have emailed me this week.

Just wanted to leave a short note in explanation of the lack of replies.

Firstly there’s the time factor. My web time’s limited to two sessions a day of about half an hour each and preparing a quick post for the site takes priority.

Second, the email program on my laptop isn’t letting me ‘send’ at all, so even if I had time for a reply, in most instances I just can’t.

I’ll address stuff when I get back to Hobart.


For taking the time to read this, your reward is some truly crap art. This is actually hanging in one of the more prominent art galleries here in Melbourne.

Click to enlarge and read the awful truth. Yes, that painting is just a black square. If this painting was actually purchased with taxpayer’s funds then there ought to be a revolution. Hasn’t someone tried this trick with a blank music manuscript?

crap art

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  1. Swade, no need to apologize. You have been dealing with this site for almost every day since the start. We can manage a couple of days without any post at all. Thinking of it, I probably need that myself… 🙂

    “Hasn’t someone tried this trick with a blank music manuscript?”

    Sure have. BTW, see if you can pick some new design language for Saab. You know, less-is-more type of thing… 😉

  2. Goodness gracious, that’s very nearly criminal.

    And, my condolences for enduring a musical. That is one art form that I absolutely can’t stomach. Call me uncultured if you will, but I cannot stand musicals.

  3. I always say, “if I can paint/create it myself, then it is just not art!”
    By the way Swade, you deserve a break from us every now and then. Just don’t make a habit of it…

  4. Eggs,

    You surprise me. Our high school sang alot of music from musicals. So, I have learned to enjoy them. One of the best was Broadway’s The Secret Garden.


    What musical did you see? Did you enjoy it?

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