There has been a Saab sold in *******

There was a bit of a kerfuffle earlier this month when I showed a rather inept advertisement by Saab in a certain country, which shall remain nameless.

But it’s good to see that at least one Saab has been sold there in the past. It gives us some hope. Robin M found this photo, but I’ll not disclose the source lest the sensitive souls in that country be offended by being identified again. My apologies in advance to the photographer for the lack of recognition, but there are delicate feelings to protect here.

It’s good to know that if another Saab is eventually sold there, it’ll be in the company of one of my most desired 9000s – a Carlsson.

Even if it’s in dire need of a wash.


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  1. It will cost him much less to wash i assure you. In his defense, it’s usually clean, but that week we had some really rough weather so i don’t blame him. then again. i will never leave my SAAB that dirty, Promise 🙂

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