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Lack of posting since the interview with Steve Shannon? Sometimes work intrudes….


The Irish, for the moment at least, have the best deal ever when it comes to buying a BioPower Saab. Read about it in full here, but in short, you can buy a BioPower Saab in Ireland, do it up with some Hirsch gear and still pay less than the equivalent petrol model thanks to some generous tax concessions on the purchase price.

The Irish get their E85 internally. It’s not imported. Their E85 is manufactured out of by-products from the dairy industry. It’s a fascinating read for those interested in Ethanol, pimarily because it takes the food vs fuel argument right out of the equation.


Speaking of ethanol that doesn’t threaten the tortilla prices of those future 9-4x builders, ground was broken today on the first commencial cellulosic ethanol plant to be built in the US.

E85 isn’t the solution, it’s part of the solution only. This sort of thing is an essential part of its ongoing viability.


GM made investors vervous when they declared a $39 Billion loss for the third quarter. The loss was based on a bunch of accounting issues that needed to be brought to account – basically tax credits that they could offset against future profits when and if they were earned.

Naturally they’d like to earn profits and be able to claim these tax credits, but the beancounters there obviously decided that profits weren’t going to be high enough in the next few years to be able to use these credits, so it’s best to get them off the balance sheet now.

When I saw the $39B loss in the headlines I first thought was “Oh boy. Here were go again on the brand-axing metrry-go-round”.

Reading further into it, though. the bottom line seems to be that when all is said and done, GM’s car-making business didn’t do too bad. Importantly, their cash flow position wasn’t threatened. So I think Saab are safe for the time being 😉


A while ago I set up a Trollhattan Saab page at Facebook. Frankly, I find it pretty distracting and haven’t done much with it as I have enough on my plate now with this site.

I’ll be looking to delete it shortly, given that the operators are now opening up Facebook to advertisers. I don’t want to be ‘poked’ by Ansell, or anyone else with something I don’t need.

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  1. Thanks for the link to the dairy ethanol article. I wonder if anyone is doing this in the U.S. Our dairy industry is huge. All I ever hear about is corn and cellulose.

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