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The snow is on it’s way in the north!

TrollhattanFive months ago I was searching for shade in Trollhattan as the temperature got into the 30s (celcius) everyday. This is a photo taken in Trollhattan yesterday. It was published in the local newspaper and ctm emailed it to me.

Click here for a previous post: Saab’s A to Z driving guide for winter.


Those of you about to encounter a US winter might want to give some thought to your tyres (or “tires” if I want to be culturally correct).

If you need a new set of snow tyres – with rims to match – then I’ll happily suggest you take a look at those being sold by Saab of Hunterdon’s parts guys, and on offer at Ebay.

$825 for a set of new tyres, with OEM rims. I don’t know what these ordinarily go for in the US, but that sounds very good in Aussie terms.

Snow bunnies might also want to check out the ski-snowboard carriers for sale, too.

Saab of Hunterdon are a sponsor of Trollhattan Saab.


Saab’s BioPower range will form part of the contingent on display at the 2007 Michelin Bibendum – which is a fancy corporate name for a show of green vehicle technology.

GM are showing off their new two-mode hybrid stuff, their fuel-cell concept vehicles as well as small diesels and BioPower.

The big show is taking place this week in Shanghai, China.


Audi are plumbing the depths and meaning of true ugliness.


How long do Nav systems have left as a feature in cars? I’ll give them three, maybe four years.

Gripen linked me up with this story about the most popular Christmas gift in Sweden this year – portable satnav units.

Santa may get a little help finding chimneys in Sweden this year: Global-positioning gadgets were designated the Nordic country’s top Christmas gift for 2007.

The Swedish Research Institute of Trade, which has handed out the “Christmas Present of the Year” title since 1988, said the small navigation device has evolved from an expensive, complicated tool into a cheap and user-friendly travel buddy.

Last year the instituted chose the audio book, following a poker set in 2005 and a flat screen TV in 2004

Soon they’ll be a common option, or maybe even a standard feature on mobile phones. If an international standard is worked out then I can see them hooking up to the car’s software via bluetooth to provide the navigation function that way.

Of course, whether this will be a possibility in cars equipped with OnStar is anyone’s guess.

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  1. Weather is such a funny thing. Two weeks ago, a year ago, stay with me, (end of Oct 06) Azzy and I were in Trollhattan and it was so warm we walked around in t-shirts. Our car had snow tyres on so I guess the snow can come at any time.

  2. And we should be seeing snow any day now here in lovely Northeast Ohio.

    Those Goodyear tires and Saab rims are a great deal – my dealer has a boatload of them as well. There is also a $50.00 rebate on the four Goodyear tires (coupon is here from Goodyear, so that sweetens the deal a bit.

    I put a set of Blizzak’s on the wife car a few years ago and they make a big difference when glorious lake effect snow blankets the Cleveland area.

  3. What car is that in the Trollhattan pic? It looks vaguely like an Oldsmobile Alero, but that can’t be right…

    I think I’ve figured out Audi’s business plan: They’re going to gradually make their cars as ugly as possible, and see how long they can get away with “Well, their interiors are amazing, so the exteriors aren’t all that important!” As soon as that crap stops working, they’ll back off the ugliness a bit.

    I just got a TomTom ONE for my birthday. I like it, but I’d prefer a built-in system, simply because it looks more integrated. Personally, my favorite system is the one in the Cadillac CTS (other cars have the same system, but the CTS is the one I remember), because the screen is hidden, and it pops up if you need it. It’s totally slick. I think the Rolls Royce Phantom’s nav system does the same thing.

  4. Those tires are a good deal. Similar (but non-Saab and probably poorer quality) rims with those tires cost more from Tire Rack. I’d rather have the Saab rims (easy to swap center decal too). I got exactly the same tires and rims used on eBay (85% tread left). I can’t wait for snow to try them out!

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