Thursday Snippets

Tonight we see Priscilla: Queen of the Desert – The Musical!


Today I went and watched my beloved Carlton Football Club at training. All you Blues supporters, and I know there’s millions of you (NOT), you’ll be happy to know that Nick Stevens was training well, and that Bryce Gibbs has bulked up a little already.

Robbie, Setanta was looking very good, but geez he talks funny. Didn’t see his little brother.


Some worrying news on the 9-4x filtering through, with one emailer speaking to Carl-Peter Forster at a conference this week and hearing that the vehicle won’t be coming until 2009, no chance for late 2008.

With the 9-5 and 9-4x both due in MY2009 it makes me wonder which might be coming first!


Some good news filtering through – the European Delivery Program may be back on deck in second quarter of 2008, not out for the entire 2008 year.


Some more stuff came through about Hirsch in the US as well, which I’ll be communicating with SaabUSA about when I get back to Hobart.


And on my musings about whether there’s any 9-2x’s left in the US – apparently there’s quite possibly a whole bunch of them on a dock in the western US. Saab and Subaru are squibbling over who’s responsible for them.

I’l happily give them away here – no problems.


Eggs had a crack (no pun intended) at tidying up the 900 that just couldn’t bring myself to love.

So did Andy Rupert!


Have a great day. Tomorrow we go to the zoo!!

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  1. They can keep a 9-2X in my parking spot if they want. I wouldn’t charge them anything for it. They’d better leave the keys with me just in case I need to move it though. 😉

  2. …there’s quite possibly a whole bunch of them on a dock in the western US. – swade

    (token 9-2x guy here checking in) Say what? *grin* They can’t just leave them to sit. How would they sell them? I’d buy for $10k!

    This car has so much potential, especially with the tuner crowd. You can interchange nearly all Impreza/STI parts, and we all know there is much more support for that here in the US, no need to wait on Hirsch, but again that’s just on the 9-2x.

    I don’t normally cross reference, but this could possibly be the worlds most powerful Saab 9-2x in the world. Amazing stuff! Keep in mind, this is the “stock” 2.0l Aero engine with upgrades, not an engine swap! It’s capable of 380hp/400 torque with 110 octane, 320hp/300 torque with 93 octane.

    Yeah, so what I had the 2.5i, I still miss that runt! I wish I hadn’t lost $17k in depreciation on it, but someone had to take the loss for Saab, and I guess I was the one to fall on the sword, eh?

    The 9-2x: The most reliable Saab in history…

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