Thursday Snippets – the pictures edition

Feeling a lot better now – thanks for the emails and comments received!

Speaking of pictures, please send in your images and sotries for the month of Hatch loving.



First picture – I was perusing my Autoblog feed this morning and came across this – apparently it’s called a Bricklin and was a limited make in the mid 1970s.

What do you see?

Bricklin SV1

Anyone else think this is a gullwing Sonett III?

I’ll have to look into this Bricklin thing – hmmmm, no mention of Saab at Wikipedia, but there is this:

The name stood for “safety vehicle one”, an odd choice of focus in a sports car from the fuel-sensitive 1970s.[1] The Bricklin was designed for safety with an integrated roll cage, 5 mph bumpers, and side beams. The body was fiberglass with bonded acrylic in five “safety” colors: white, red, green, orange and suntan. The cars had no cigarette lighter or ashtray.

Fibreglass body, low-speed bumpers, vivid colors – sounds and looks very Sonett III to me.


Volvo are at SEMA.

Volvo SEMA


It’s getting colder in Sweden and elsewhere in the north:

Icy Saab 96


And apparently Sting used to own this 9000 Aero. Shades of George Costanza’s car (-ex Jon Voight)?

This was once owned by Sting. Bought on Ebay for £1500, it had leather and electric everything. Deep dish wheels and 2.3 turbo – it went at warp speed in utter luxury. Unfortunately it drank petrol and nothing cost less than £250 to fix so it had to go.

It drank petrol? What did he want it to drink?

Sting 9000


I’m off to Melbourne shortly for the Aussie launch of the 2008 Saab 9-3. There’s a couple of stories pre-written and scheduled for the coming hours, so hang around!

And if you’d like to read more about the Saab marquee at the races – I’ll be attending on Saturday – then click here. It’s getting a bit rediculous!

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  1. I have a family friend who had a Bricklin a couple of years ago. The gull wing doors weigh 100 pounds, are pneumatically-actuated, and open automatically. Kind of a weird curio. Now that you mention it I do see the resemblance between the Bricklin and the Sonett III.

    Malcolm Bricklin was also the guy responsible for bringing the Yugo to the U.S.

  2. I’m pretty sure Bricklin also brought Subaru to the US.

    I never noticed the resemblence between the two cars. That’s pretty cool.

    Jerry Seinfeld drove at least two Saabs over the course of Seinfeld, both convertibles. I’m pretty sure both were NG900’s. One was a non-turbo (did they have non-turbo NG900s?), 900S that was the stinky car, and one was stolen by a mechanic for a while.

    I think that’s right. He usually drove BMW’s.

  3. Yeah… And don’t forget the big white van he drove for a while in place of the Saab he was supposed to be driving :p

    As for the Bricklin – I haven’t been *in* a Sonett III, but I think the Bricklin is a bit larger… more “American-sized”

  4. Malcolm Bricklin did bring Subaru to the US. The Bricklin was his next venture. It was fiberglass as was the Corvette of the day, but it had some great safety features like a shock absorbing bumper and a structure that directed the mass of the V8 under the cockpit to protect the driver. The Bricklin didn’t sell well in part because the reliability of the car was awful, and the finish was rather like a kit car — they were all built by hand from a basic bucket of parts.

    As for being American-sized, it is. It was bigger than the Corvette.

    Mr. Bricklin is at it again, working on a plug-in hybrid luxury sports car that will be built in China available in the US in about two years.

  5. for sonett lookalikes here is the so far closest one 😉 Skoda 1100 GT prototype
    The word is there were 2 Sonett IIs oficialy imported to socialist Czechoslovakia, one for a racing driver and second went to SKoda factory 😉 It was meant as an addition to Skoda mainstream cars with as much parts sharing as possible. Therefore its a RWD and people with Skoda knowledge can recognize some parts (lights, door handles, etc) Some old pictures here (soory inc zech only)

    BTW because of minimal number of prototypes and preproduction units (it was stopped as being not in line for socialist people) each piece is probably more valued as any Sonett II 😉

  6. Ubermich – I totally forgot about the rapist van. My friend had to drive one of those around for a while. He’d bought an old Volvo 240 wagon (because they’re so safe and he has a kid), but it was constantly having horrendous electrical problems, so he was driving around his grandmother’s big white Econoline rapist van. He eventually junked the Volvo and got a Jeep Cherokee.

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