Tragedy follow-up

Hi all. I’m at Maccas again. The Mrs is still in bed. It’s 6.45 am as I write this, though I’ll set it to appear in a few hours (just for those who were wondering if I’m dragging my wife to Maccas all the time to do some blogging).

Anyway, on to more serious matters. Some of you will remember the tragic accident that happened a few months ago in Scotland when a toddler was killed after his brother started the car and the car rolled over him.

The toddler’s name was Iain Goodwill, and his father, Mark, has left a comment on the site overnight:

I am the father of our wee son killed in this accident.

Firstly, thank you for your comments. I am currently pursuing all manufacturers supplying cars into the UK market to try and get them to include a safety switch so this can not happen and your comments are helpful. I had not realised that there was a switch on the clutch pedal, in additon to the brake. Or that this was a legal requirement in other markets e.g the USA.

Finally, the keys were NOT left in the ignition. They were on a high hook in the kitchen. They are now locked in a secure key box. How many people do this??

I want to thank Mark for visiting and once again, you have the sympathy of everyone who visits here. I can’t imagine going through what you’ve been through and can only hope that time will heal.

Perhaps the other thing that can come from this is some action from Saab. I contacted Saab Sweden after the initial reports when we found that a clutch override swith is standard in the US but it seems it’s not so anywhere else. Saab were awaiting police reports on the incident

Upon receiving this email, I think it’s high time to follow up on this.

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  1. I cannot imagine the pain. I really can’t. I hope that he is successful in using that event to make safety better for others.

    PS: Maccas = McDonald’s for those who don’t wish to Google. I had to search myself. Here in the U.S., it’s “Mickey Dee’s” or “the arches”.

  2. i didn’t know the key wasn’t in the vehicle. (strike my weight-sensor-in-the-seat idea.)

    such a terrible loss. my sincerest condolences.

    “maccas”? (i gotta get out more.)

  3. The clutch pedal switch is definatley something that Saab should have on all their vehicles. There’s not really any downside to it, as all the parts have been created and they can’t be expensive. I can confirm that it is alive and functioning well in the US cars: once the floormat in my dad’s 9-3 was pushed up to high under the pedals, and we thought we had some major electrical problems going on!

  4. What is this clutch pedal switch. I’m in the US and it doesn’t matter whether i’m in gear or neutral. I can start my car regardless of the clutch being engaged or disnengaged regardless of gear selection. I’m a bit confused on this.

    However its very sad to read an incident like this happend. A question I’m left wondering is was the e-brake set fully. I’ve had momment where I forget to disengage the e-brake but all that happens is the rear end rises but never rolls back.

  5. Nevermind had my question answered elsewhere. The switch is a T7 only feature which explains why my 99 9-3 with T5 can start regardless of clutch pedal location.

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