Trollhattan Saab Pride of Ownership Photo Competition

As I wind into holiday mode, it’s time for you to wind up, get snapping, show off your car and win some groovy Saab stuff.

I’ve only held one competition here before, where you guys got to nominate the new number plate for my 900 Aero. That one was a bunch of fun and a guy named Scott took home the Elkparts prize of two 1:43 scale model Saabs.

This time, there’s two prizes up for grabs and all you have to do to win is love your Saab and the place you live.

The task

What you need to do is take a photo of your car with a landmark from your area and give us a little info about both.

Here in Hobart, for example, we have two major geographical landmarks – the mountain and the bridge. And you’ve seen them on these pages, in these photos:

Saab 9-5

April 500.jpg

If I were to write some thing about these places, I’d write that the mountain is a constant presence here in Hobart, changing it’s look every day but always there. Like some big, reassuring reminder that mother nature looks over us all the time (or something flowery like that). And I’d write about how the bridge collapsed back in the 1970s and link to stories about that, and how it was my main navigational aide when I moved here back in 1995.

And of course it wouldn’t be difficult to write about the cars in those photos 🙂

Those are just quick ideas, but I think you get the picture.

So what you need to do is take a photo of your Saab with a landmark from your area that means something to you and then send me the photo with at least 100 words about why the place and most importantly, the car, are special.


The prizes

Yes, that’s plural!!

There’s two prizes on offer this time around. I’ll be providing one and John at Elkparts has kindly agreed once again to provide the other.

The Pride of Ownership Saaby Prize

This first prize consists of five Saab publications – an instant Saab library! And these are all very desireable books.

Mr Saab – 157 pages – the story of Saab’s most famous driver, Erik Carlsson. Heaps of great stories and photos

Saab Welcome Book – heaps of history and philosophy about the Saab brand

50 Years of Saabs – Motorhistorikist Magasin – 108 pages of detailed history about model specs and development from 1947 to 1997. An essential for a Saab historian and one of the best books I’ve got.

Saab 9-3, An Entriely New Sport Sedan – written by Anders Tunberg. 141 pages telling the story of the Saab 9-3 Sport Sedan, with heaps of all facets of the car’s development.

The Spirit of Saab – it’s not hard to get. You can order one from Amazon right now, but it’ll cost you $265. No disrespct to Mr Rolf Bleeker as it’s a ripping collection of Saab stories, but that’s too high a price. All you have to do to get it is take a ripping photo and tell a good story of your own!

The Elkparts prize

ElkpartsThe Elkparts prize consists of two items from the extensive range of Saab Essentials available at Elkparts. They’ve been a supporter of this site since the very beginning and have come to the party once again, so please make sure you support John when you need to get some gear for your car.

The prize consists of two items:

The Saab 9-3 Backpack – A sporty and functional backpack with the Aeroplane handle. 20 litres in size. Saab branding on front and Saab 9-3 SportCombi on back side.

Saab Backpack

The Nallis Bear

Wonderful soft toy bear. 50 cm tall. Saab T-shirt and “move your mind” embroidery under the foot. An official Saab accessory

Saab Bear

The Extra Prize (updated November 30)

I’ll also be providing a third prize, just to spread the love a little more.

A third entrant will win a 1GB UrSaab USB drive.

USB drive


I hope you agree we’ve assembled a worthwhile prize pool here.

Not only is the stuff worth winning, but the competition is going to be a great exercise in pride of ownership in itself. Show your car off and win some stuff – does it get any better than that?


Please ensure that you take some time to set up a good photo. This is about quality as well as showing off as many cars as possible. Owning, driving and caring for a Saab is a great thing and I’d love to see those sentiments come through in your images.

Once all the entries are in and posted on the site, I’m going to enlist the services of my own resident lens genius, Stu, to take a look through the photos and I’ll take a peek through the stories.

We’ll assemble a short list of finalists and then it’ll be up to you with a poll to pick our two winners. But sharing your story and showing your car in a great setting will be heaps of fun, regardless of the prizes on offer.


Please send your photo in JPEG form. It can be any size, but at least 500px wide. The bigger the better. I’d love to offer some of the images as wallpapers, so 1920px wide is ideal for that.

Email your photo and story (the story’s really important) to me at (replace the -at- with @)

Entries close on December 20.

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  1. ctm, yeah, and I just took my nice 17 in. rims off and put on 16 in. with snows. Probably couldn’t drive my car from my home in Ohio to a scenic spot without it getting too dirty to photograph. Bummer.
    Swade, that’s a pretty generous gift. I’m impressed.

  2. I really want to win this for the Spirit of Saab book. I’d never get one otherwise.

    Luckily, everything in Baltimore looks exactly the same regardless of the season…dreary and depressing :p

  3. does this mean that since I live in God’s country I have a better shot at winning than Jeff in Baltimore and ctm in Sweden? 😉

  4. Not really, denvernewbie, as that whole chunk of America has no landmarks, it’s all grass and nondescript mountains.


    I think since you live in God’s country, you should try and take a picture of your Saab with God. I’m sure He’s got some free time :p

  5. A little creativity required, maybe?

    Black and White, for example, means less grubbiness ould show up. Wins creative brownie points with the photo judge too. Just sayin….

  6. Jeff,
    I (and God) will SHOW you ‘nondescript mountains’… just you wait! 😉
    (I just asked HIM, and HE said: “I didn’t make any ‘nondescript ones’…)

  7. I’ve never been a big mountain fan, I’m more of a desert guy, but you need mountains to make a desert, so it all works out. Of course, desert is the only type of land that we don’t have in Maryland. We’ve got mountains, and we’ve got pretty much everything else too. I think we know what God’s favorite state is.

    :p jk, regional rivalry is fun!

  8. I think this sucks…
    My car wont be delivered until the second week of february and I had a cool idea in mind…

    maybe I’ll take the picture anyway later on

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