Trying to love this hatch and not succeeding

It’s the month of hatch loving here at TS.

One of the great things about the Saab hatch was that it could be done up to look pretty sporting, whilst retaining all of its practicality. Body kits and wheel packages meant that the 900 hatch could look as fast as it’s turbocharged engine.

This one, below?

I’m trying hard but even I’ve got limits. This one was spotted from a Russian Saab site and I’ll keep the donating party nameless just in case there’s some connections there that are as shady as the job done on this car 😉

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  1. It’s a little busy. I would have taken the spoilers off (both), removed the pin stripe and changed the wheels. Remove the bra as well.

  2. I like the pinstripe. What made it look weird for me was all the extra vertical lines. I agree about the wheels, too.

    Car bras are stupid regardless of what car they’re on.

    I like the dark taillights, too.

  3. if the white on the side panels matched they would look fine. I think if the top spoiler were color matched it wouldn’t look that bad either. All the elements are there, the execution just is a little off imho. but to each his own

  4. How about a set of british ‘Gripen’ license plates ?

    Yes, and the door handles should be painted in black or body color.

  5. “Trying to love this hatch and not succeeding” — that’s about as kind as it gets with this one.

    My title would have been: “Hatch lovin’: At least it’s still a C900. I think.”

    It agree with the above — I think that minus the vertical lines it would be a lot better-looking to me.

  6. Maybe, um, uhhh… it’s a work in progress? Noticed the side panels didn’t match the rear skirt (non-Aero) or front skirt (again, non-Aero)… Maybe they were trying to get all the body panels together and in place before having the whole mess painted… God, I hope so.

  7. hahaha. it had a lot of potention. Give me all of those parts and the same car and it would be something to drool over. 😉


  8. It could be rescued in two easy steps:
    1. Re-do the whole bumpers/bodykit in dark grey.
    2. Remove the black “eyeliner” around the windows.

    … it could then be made just right with the fitting of the remainder of the Aero (or Airflow) bodykit.

    Agreed! The door handles need to be black, but the remainder of the styling is quite interesting. The wraparound spoiler is well done, IMO and nice application. The top visor is quite fun – I want one of these now 🙂 I do have to wonder about the blacked out lights and decor panel, but each to their own.

    All things considered, I could love this car … it just needs a little smartening, so the “collars and cuff” match 🙂

  9. Actually this is not a russian guy. I know the owner of this car personally.
    I`m the autor of this pictures, which I made about 5 years ago. This car is in Bulgaria. I have few more pictures. Anybody want to see them?


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