TS in vacation mode….

After 2 years and 9 months of pretty consistent posting here (3,385 entries and reading 23,000+ comments), I’m finally taking a break from posting on this site – well, sort of.

I’m heading off to the mainland for a week with the Mrs, so things will be quieter than usual around here.

Do keep checking in, though, as there’ll still be some things to see. I’m posting some Bring Back the hatch imagery that’ll appear through the week as well as a few other stories. Details of the TS Pride of Ownership competition will be appearing on site in a few hours, too. I haven’t made any special requests, but Eggs might also chip in with a few thoughts.

Also, I will have web access while I’m away (how do you think I selected the hotel we’d be staying at?) so I’ll be checking in and reporting any big stories that need to be covered.

Have a great week!

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  1. Where on the mainland are you going?

    My stepdad works for MacQuarie mortgages, and he’s been to Sydney a few times…though I doubt you’re going there.

  2. Yeah, have a really nice vacation and try to forget TS for a while. We all promise that we not gonna run riot in the comments while you are away. 🙂

  3. Summertime Blues in Australia 🙂

    Mr. & Mrs. Swade: Enjoy your deserved summer holidays.

    Here straight up north in Japan it is getting chillier by the day, so I envy you down south this time of the year 😉

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