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JL Racing were present for the local launch of the 2008 Saab 9-3 and had their Saab 9-3 racer on display at Thornhill Saab.

They’re currently prepping two cars for the 2008 season and they’ll be in the 2008 Saab 9-3 body style.

They’re doing great work for Saab Canada and the relationship really is blooming. JL Racing won several awards this year and took out a 5th place over all in the Castrol Canadian Touring Car Championship.


This is what you call BioPOWWWWEEEERRRRR!!!!!

Swedish supercar builders Koenigsegg have lifted the curtain on an E85 version of their CCX called the CCXR. It puts out 1,018bhp when running on E85 and using GM’s own theory, it presumably saves one heck of a lot of carbon based co2 emissions.

I’m not sure that this will help them sell more CCX’s in Sweden. I don’t think CCX customers are worried to much by the congestion charge in Stockholm. But it’s still good to see.


The New England Auto Show is about to get underway, but the LA show has just wound up.

There was nothing new there for Saab, but the display did look pretty cool with these LED curtains framing the Saab stand.

Saabs in LA

Gripen went to the show a couple of times and shot a bunch of photos of Saabs and other stuff. You can view his Flickr album from the show here.


News has come through that GM are looking at a new worldwide small car platform for introduction in 2009. And it will be worldwide with cars ranging from $10K to $40 planned for introduction on it.

Saab is, of course, a candidate for this. The coming Saab compact car will be built on this platform and the plant in Trollhattan will be used for this and the Opel Astra in the future.

I guess the news here is the sheer size of the build program worldwide, with over a million units to be built and sold worldwide on the new platform by around 2012.

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  1. Just want to say BIG UPS to JL racing. Racing has always been and WILL always be great PR, regardless of what individual is in charge of making such decisions.
    Now if only such an effort were in place in the U.S.
    Perhaps a rally 9-1 will be a few years away. One can hope…

  2. Something I forgot to mention from a trip to the L.A. Auto Show a little over a week ago which the JL Racing post reminded me of, for some reason:

    A friend and fellow member of the SoCal Saab Club explained to me he’s a little disappointed with the ’08 9-3 for two reasons that I hadn’t even noticed before and now they bother me too:
    1. The grille on the ’08 9-3 looks very much like the metal one on the Acura TL, but is, in reality plastic.

    2. The left and right portion of the grille are simply there for “looks”, or fashion rather than function. If you get close enough you can see that the “vents” are solid, so no air will pass through them. Cooling air can only pass through the center section of the grille.

    Saab is usually not one to have function follow form.

    The Saab booth at the L.A. Auto Show was pretty cool-looking and the women working in it were quite attractive (the best-looking one kept checking me out, and though a married man I was thinking I must be pretty hot sh*t for a hot, thin, tall model to be checking me out. Then she asked me if I’m Jeff Tweedy. I told her that I don’t know who that is and she said he’s the singer from WILCO. I told her that sadly, I’m just Mike: Saab dork. Now that I’ve looked at this Jeff Tweedy I see that it wasn’t exactly a compliment), but I was a bit disappointed that not only did they not have a Turbo-X on display there (though it wasn’t a surprise as I was told by a Saab employee acquaintance), but they didn’t even have anything new other than the ’08 9-3. They could have at least had a 9-7X Aero there. I think that L.A. would be a pretty good market for that vehicle.

    About the Koenigsegg, on Top Gear Jeremy Clarkson did say that “if tuned to run on biofuel” it would output something like nine-hundred-odd horsepower. This was the first time they had the Koenigsegg when The Stig crashed it into the tire wall before they sent it back to have a rear wing applied and return it for a second go at it. The CCXR might get even Jeremy Clarkson to take a liking to a “green car”!

  3. Gripen – Guh, I’m truly sorry that someone thought you were Jeff Tweedy. Wilco makes godawful music.

    My dad drives a TL. I’ll give up the metal grille in exchange for a less sterile driving experience.

  4. Jeff: yeah, and did I mention she was hot? ๐Ÿ™‚ If I wasn’t married instead of admitting I didn’t know who Jeff Tweedy is (at least give me credit for knowing who Wilco is) I would have said, “why, yes. Yes I am”. ๐Ÿ˜›

    As for the TL, my mom owns one as well and though I woudn’t want one I do respect the fact that when something looks like metal, it’s actually metal. Not faux metal: cheaper plastic masquerading as metal. Even in the interior there are some metal accents and I was shocked when I tapped them with my fingernail to discover that they’re real metal!

    If you check out my auto show pics at the Flickr link that Swade linked to you’ll see that dark gunmetal-colored wheels seem to be the “in” thing right now. I like them! Also nice looking was a Lexus painted in flat black paint with copper or brass-colored wheels and trim, though the Lexus itself was underwhelming aesthetically.

  5. Jeff: I’ll disagree on the music portion of the comment. I’m a casual Wilco fan. Much bigger fan of Mr. Tweedy’s former bandmate and writing partner, Jay Farrar and his band SonVolt. I like Jeff Tweedy’s work with Golden Smog, too.

    Tweedy’s no looker, that’s fo’ sho’.

  6. Thanks, eggs. …grumble, grumble…

    I think my wife is making me keep my beard not because she likes it as she alleges, it’s to keep other women away from me! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Jeff Tweedy might not be a looker, but you should have seen how excited and dreamy-eyed this girl was when asking if I was him. I’m sure ugly as he is, he has no problem attracting women. Even a troll like Jack Black gets action. Musicians. Feh.

  7. “2. The left and right portion of the grille are simply there for โ€œlooksโ€, or fashion rather than function. If you get close enough you can see that the โ€œventsโ€ are solid, so no air will pass through them. Cooling air can only pass through the center section of the grille.”

    “Saab is usually not one to have function follow form.” — 1985 gripen


    an “inheritance” from the “dame edna” 9-5.

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