Turbo X at MPH 2

This photo comes with the by-line “The Lady in Charge”

Turbo X at MPH

It was taken by the man in charge – Saab’s unofficial ambassador in the UK, Robin M. He went to MPH yesterday and took in the Turbo X in all its glory, and mentioned via email to me that it was stunning in Combi form.

Click here to see all of ’em, and you can catch a great shot of the back of Phil’s head. He’s a Cosworth nut, but Robin’s working on him 🙂

Part 1 of the MPH show, photos by Viadas, are here.

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  1. just to let you know Viadas pictures were at the event in London and mine were in Birmingham for those who noticed the back ground scenery is differant. Great car, great day.

  2. I want this car so much! Love the “eyebrows” at dark on the new 9-3, they make the car look so agressive.

    I had hopes of seeing it at the car show in Lillestrøm (Norway), so the general public would be aware of the fact that Saab has introduced XWD, but it wasn’t there ofcoarse.

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