Turbo X at the New England Auto Show

The press day for the New England Auto Show finished up earlier today and Johnny Del and Jeff P were there for Trollhattan Saab. Initial reports indicate that had an absolute cracker of a time and will report in with their full thoughts in a few days.

I have received a few initial photos, however, which look fantastic.

UPDATE: Now with big, beautiful and enlargeable pictures. Click ’em.





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  1. I hope that display makes it to the Cleveland auto show in the spring of 2008 – Saab had a rather simple display last year but they have a chance to generate some excitement with the XWD 9-3.

    Those new wheels are simply gorgeous – I have always been a 5-spoke man myself, but that 6 spoke design is really sharp.

    Nice shots gentlemen, keep them coming.

  2. Personally, I’m most excited to see more pics of that beauty of a restored SPG!

    I do like those Turbo-X wheels though. They’re like wide-split three-spokes.

  3. I’m hoping that SPG is touring the auto shows alongside the Turbo-X, I hope they hit NYC, so I can sit there and ogle it all day. I’ll try not to drool on either of them, I swear.

  4. There are no center caps in the middle of the wheels, like the car at the IAA had. At this car you can see the bolts. Does anybody know why? Or is this the 18″ and not the 19″?

  5. it looks like the center cap is not attached to the wheel, but personaly i like this design better with the visible bolts..!

    /niklas palm

  6. good point, baracuda. i was recalling that, but couldn’t find pictures to back it up.

    and i couldn’t put my finger on the wheel design, but it reminds me of the scales on a tortoise.

  7. we asked them the same thing , they lost one of the center caps on the passenger side, so they just put the logos onto the wheels and put the black lug covers on them. Not a design exercise, just a way to make due for the show.

  8. Indeed dan. I feel like Homer Simpson not being able to decide between a Duff beer and a porkchop. They are both so awesome. I so miss my 89 SPG… 🙁 That picture isn’t making it any better. Where oh where are there more pictures of that SPG?

  9. LOL. Which one is the porkchop? mmmmmmm spg (drool sound)

    Even though I am happy I bought a 9-5 Aero I still lament a very nice 900 CE (close enough to an spg in my book!) that I passed up this summer. If only I could have me a modern saab and a modern classic saab.

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