Turbo X video at Saab USA

SaabUSA’s website has a new Turbo X section full of stuff for you to peruse, including a video of the car in “flight”. They really are giving it a good run and the stability of the car is quite evident.

To see the video, go to the link above and then click on the “multimedia gallery” link on the left and you’ll see it there. The video goes for one minute and comes with the compulsory ready steady go soundtrack. The good news is that there’s no CGI stuff here. It’s all pure road footage.

Thanks Kroum!

Turbo X video

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  1. Well, I loved the video.

    I also liked the “comparative analysis” of the Turbo X against the Audi S4 ! Lower price, better warranty, higher output per liter, standard rain-sensing wipers!

  2. And the awful music continues.

    I thought the comparative analysis was weak at best. This is a limited edition, performance vehicle. Rainsense wipers, really? Show me 0-60, quarter mile, weights of the vehicles, size of brakes, etc.

  3. I liked the video, too. I wondered if it was sped up, but I don’t think it was. This really is a very surefooted car. If they have sped it up then that would be absolutely shameful.

    But I’m with Charles on the comparative analysis. Quite weak and selective. The problem is that this will stack up in ways that are hard to show on a comparative table. How do you show stability on a table like that in a way that people will understand?

  4. I hate to rain on the party, but I really think that thing was sped up. We can all agree that the grab at the gear shifter was on fast forward, right? While that doesn’t necessarily place other clips into doubt, I think it’s clear that some of those acceleration shots – the famous turbo “shove in the back” from 40-70 mph notwithstanding – are clearly sped up. But I could be wrong. In any case, it looks great, even on fast forward.

  5. I turned off the music while watching the video. It looked like any other car driving on a variety of roads. Swade’s video showed more about the car’s abilities than this one. C’mon, show me something special!

  6. @ Andy Rupert… i have to agree about the cars similar look to others… unless they have the camera pointed at the nose of the car, it def looks like any other sedan out there… i hate to say it… mebe thats y id take the sport combi πŸ˜€

  7. Now – wait a minute, rain sensing wipers are a very cool option.

    That is a fairly bad-ass looking 9-3, with some hardware to match its appearance. I still have to wonder where GM Powertrain will go with that 2.8L V6 in a few years – that engine has a lot of potential. Still – 295 lb. ft. of torque is nothing to sneeze at, that car has to have awesome overall driveability with that kind of torque curve to play with.

    And I am sure it will keep the 0-60 crowd happy. Maybe.

    I have to say though; $42,000 is a chunk of change for that car. Given the fact that 9-3’s tend to have been heavily discounted for the past two years running, I just would have a hard time with that.

    Nice job Saab…. Onward and upward.

  8. This has got to be a mistake. The video is at least 2x faster then it is supposed to be. And this is not a guess, this is a fact I can assure you of that. I hope that they will fix it because it looks very unprofessional, as it is now.

  9. Either it has been sped up to make an otherwise boring bit of road-driving look dynamic or, alternatively, it might be something to do with frame-rate conflict between Flash video and the Flash site although this usually slows things down.

    The other gripe is how crap the Turbo X writing looks as well as the superimposed text on the plates.

  10. Add another one to the group who believes this was sped-up. Maybe they thought they’d add excitement by having fast-cutting MTV-type shots.

    LOL! I have to agree with you guys on the weak comparison with Audi. I didn’t catch that they were trying to imply the Turbo-X is a better value than an S4 here in comments before I actually read the comparison. They also conveniently leave-out that the Turbo-X outputs 280 bhp/295 ft-lb to the S4’s 340 bhp/302 ft-lb, the Saab having a turbo and the Audi not tries to cover-up the fact that the Audi doesn’t “need” one as it features a 4.2-liter V8 engine to the Saab’s 2.8-liter V6, and they claim OnStar as if it were a desirable feature, rather than something forced upon owners like an AOL free trial disk!

    I am sooooo ready to not hear that song anymore. I hope the new ad firm drops the song for something else. It’s not a bad song, it’s just… played-out. Really, Saab’s core target demographic has got to be professional people between the ages of say, 28 and 49, right? I don’t really think that Paul Oakenfold speaks to those people. Maybe something a little hipper and more contemporary? Doesn’t have to be a huge hit, maybe a good indie song? Maybe Saab’s ad firm should get hold of Jason Bentley for advice.

  11. I agree with Gripen about the ads. It’s ridic. and depressing. but anyways, of course the video is sped up, or something of the sort, theres no doubt about it!!

    i think we need to see hp/torque charts before we dismiss the turbo-x as an s4 competitor…

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