Uk Saab sales October 2007

Sales data for the UK has come in and for this first time since I’ve been collecting data here at TS, sales have been completely static.

Saab GB sold 1,593 vehicles in October 2007 and they sold the exact same number in October 2006.

Unforunately the market’s grown, though, which means their market share fell slighly from 1.04% last year to 0.96% this year.

Year-to-date sales are still down on last year, by around 10.5%.

So far in 2007, Saab GB have sold 20,891 vehicles and in the first 10 months of last year they had sold 23,337.

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  1. I can fully understand the sales stagnation in the UK. As a fomer SAAB 9000 Aero owner I have been looking to buy another SAAB here in the UK, but they have nothing I would buy.

    The cost of fuel, current USD 2.20 a litre!, means that economical cars are a must for most people. The 9-3 is a good car with a reasonable engine, but for many it is too small and has a lower/middle management image. It just doesnt have the same “professional person” image as the big SAAB’s of old.

    The 9-5 is old and drastically underpowered and coarse with the 4 cyclinder diesel engine. The petrols are nice but are not economical enough and come into the higher tax brackets.

    The interiors of SAABs are dull. The black/dark grey facia’s and very drab. The way the modules are inserted makes them look like a kit. This is an area that must be improved.

    I know this is a moan, but I do like SAAB’s and would like them to build a good car.

    They have a reputation for appealing to people who dont wish to be “bracketed”. People who are individuals. Therefore they need to offer something different.

    SAAB need to continue to evolve the 9-3. The Aero -x is a good move. The 9-5 needs to be replaced sooner rather than later and they need to decide if they are going to appeal to the Ford/GM owner or the BMW/Audi owner.

    The 9-5 needs a 3 ltr twin turbo engine that has performance and economy. Dare I say it, like the BMW 635d engine, an Aero-X version would be good. The car needs to plush with typical SAAB handling and have a design that maintains SAAB’s identity.

    Until SAAB address these issues, the UK market will not improve for them.

  2. The pricing structure for Saab at present in UK is aimed more to the mainstream buyer. Personally I don’t agree with this marketing program, but what can be said is that Saab UK are offering very aggresively priced vehicles at the moment. If you’re more interested in a used car then a 9-3 2007MY pre-registered vehicle is fantastic value. There may even be a few Anniversary editions still available which come with SATNAV,Bluetooth and Full leather at no extra charge. If you would rather like new then the 2008MY 9-5 has a revised specification which makes it a good alternative to other mainstream brands. On the new 9-3 front you might find you have to dig deeper into your pocket than initially expected. The UK buyer has become used to big discounts accross the whole industry but remember the new 9-3 is just that….. NEW! Howvever should you require a few more pennies that are not quite to hand, Saab are offering a great finance package of just 3% APR. Not bad when you consider it’s far less than the average mortage rate at present.

  3. WooDz

    Thanks for the comment. I think you misunderstand my point. At the moment SAAB’s are amazing value for money, especially the 9-5. I can get a new one nearly £ 10k under list. BUT….. I still dont want to buy it.

    I want a larger “executive” level car that is individualistic , extremely comfortable and quiet, great to drive, with good performance and does nearly 50 MPG. And I dont want to buy a BMW or Audi or anything Japanese…

  4. WooDz
    You speak more like a Saab dealer than a Saab
    enthusiast or private buyer!
    I also think that Saab GB have done a bad job (nothing new here!) with their marketing for the new 9-3. Their offerings in model specification and option choice is barmy. For example, I love the bi xenon headlights but hate the sports chassis of my current 9-3, so how much to have bi xenons on a 2008MY Linear – £1250. Why make the sports chassis compulsory on Vector AND Aero?
    When I saw the first pictures and details for 2008 9-3, I wanted one. When I studied what Saab GB was offering, I didn’t!
    Also, what has ‘fantastic value pre-registered cars’ done for the value of my 2 year old 9-3? Without some ‘sweetening cash’ on the table from Saab GB then I can only assume I would be somewhat disappointed.

  5. Englishbob

    I cannot agree more. It is a sad day when a new SAAB 9-5 is cheaper than a Ford Mondeo. It cheapens the brand and the image. Its even worse whenthe Mondeo has a better diesel engine.

    The biggest problem with the current offering of “executive cars” ( I personally hate that label), is that the german cars start reasonably expensive and just get extortionate by the time you add on the “essential extras”. The japanese cars provide the reliablity but their interior quality and image ( excluding Lexus) is bland.

    SAAB have the reputation and perfect opportunity to fit between these two by offering good quality reliable cars, that are fun to drive at a sensible, not cheap, price. Unfortunately their range is really only the 9-3. I know there are plans for a 9-1 but there are hundred of cars in this market already. There is the American 9-7 but why go up against this mature market dominated by Landrover, BMW, Mercedes and now Volkswagen and Audi, not forgetting the Jeep. This returns us to the fact that SAAB need a good large car, something it has always done well.

  6. I’ve got no dog in this hunt, as they say, but I find comfort in the fact that there’s yet another market that can’t find the ‘right’ placement for the 9-5. It needs to change for Saab to be successful. It really does.

    Don’t get me wrong, I think that the 9-5 is a fine automobile. I just think that it’s not different enough from the 9-3 (perhaps different enough from the ’08 9-3, but not in a good way) and it definitely is lacking compared to the mid-sized/larger-sized (executive? — tee hee) vehicles it competes against.

    The new 9-5. It had better be worth the wait. In spades.

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