UK Saabers – Win an Ice Experience!

Robin M’s not too happy with me publicising this as he wanted to win it himself, but fairness is in the English tradition – right up there with beating the Aussies at cricket, behaving peacefully at soccer matches and bathing.


Check this out people – you can win an Ice Experience by filling in this form at The Independent (i.e. signing away your inbox to Saab GB forever – small price to pay if you win).

The information page is here, but the salient points are repeated for your benefit below:


The ‘Ice Experience’ includes:

    * Return flights from London Heathrow to Stockholm & return internal flights from Stockholm to Kiruna

    * Transfers to and from the airport in Stockholm

    * 1 night’s stay in Stockholm on arrival, 1 nights’ stay in Jukkasjarvi and 1 night’s stay in the town of Kiruna

    * One night’s stay for 2 in the world famous Ice Hotel

    * Inclusive food, drink and winter clothing

The winners will also participate in a variety of organised activities including:

    * Snowmobile safari

    * Dog sled safari

    * Cultural sauna

    * Test drive on ice track of the new Saab 9-3 Aero XWD

    * Sami culture experience


Anyone know what a cultural sauna is?

It’s definitely worth entering. Robin’s actually done the Ice Experience once before and had an absolute blast. You can read about his adventures here. The additional experience of being able to test drive the XWD Saab 9-3 in the snow is a real bonus.

One of Robin’s conditions about publicising this is that people can only enter if their partners absolutely hate the snow and the cold weather. That way you can take him along!!

Now go to it!

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  1. cultural sauna My guess is that is sauna in a Kåta (tent that looks like an Indian tent “tipi”). But it is just a guess

  2. Go´n take a look here

    I guess that it would be a great adventure. Especially for one who has never been to Sweden and in Lappland. I don´t know when this will be, but if it´s in wintertime, there´s will be some cool Northern lights. And if it´s on the perioid of darkness that´ll be one truly memorable experience itself.

    Now what a cool idea from Saab UK… 😉

  3. The cultural sauna is one of the best parts of the trip! There is one dressing room with showers, one main room type of “living room” as we call it here in the US and then in the back there is a very nice sauna… then outside there are two hot tubs side by side. When I was there we had a lot of beer and cheeze puffs while enjoying the sauna’s, rolling in the snow with Per Eklund and the Saab Performance Team, and then sitting in a anniversary convertible with the top down and the seat heaters on in -40 degree weather!

    And whats this about the Ice Experience? Did I miss something and the IDS program is back on? 🙂

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