Viggen update – my last letter

In the good news category, I’m finally clearing out the garage and bringing the Viggen home tonight. It’s been at my mechanic’s workshop for four months now but is not stored securely enough for my liking. I figure it’s time to get it home for motivation anyway.

In other news, and following last week’s letter from my insurer, I’ve just faxed this off to them in reply:

I acknowledge receipt of you most recent letter to me, denying my claim for a third time and thereby exhausting the internal review options available to me.

I find it disappointing and very frustrating that a company that markets itself to enthusiasts, one that I have promoted to others, would act this way in this situation.

I run an automotive website that serves several thousand Saab enthusiasts per day and have been tracking this case on that site. One commenter at the site summed up the situation nicely, noting the irony that if I’d lost control of the car on a public road, eg in adverse conditions, and thereby possibly endangered the lives of others, it’d be most likely be fixed by now.

Your denial of coverage hinges on what is a very tenuous link to CAMS. This is despite my repeated statements that there was no competitive intent in my attendance there, nor any competitive nature to the event. You state that the skills taught on the day were for motorsport and support this with a statement by one of the organisers of the event, Mr S XXXX. Mr XXXX is involved in motorsport so naturally he would see it that way. My intention, and I’m the one paying the premiums, was to learn more about driving my particular car better in controlled circumstances. Not for competition, but for doing what I do – driving on the road.

Despite all this, you consider that this is not a case where you need to look after a client who insures three cars and a home with you. Please be advised that I will be contacting the offices of the Insurance Industry Ombudsman in the near future to have this matter reviewed independantly.


Steven Wade

I’ve never mentioned the website in any previous correspondence and I have no idea if that will grab any attention, but what the hell.

There’s a fair bit going on this week, so the submission to the Ombudsman may take a little while. But this whole thing’s been a slow process anyway, so that’s nothing unusual.

After I get the Viggen home I’ll shoot some photos and maybe some video to show the extent of the work to be done.

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  1. If you need some help mate just give me a call.
    I have a little mechanical knowledge and I also have a spare bit of storage if needed.
    The only spare parts for your car that i would have are a turbo and a SID.
    And i strongly recommend removing some of the interior trim of the car before sending it off to the body shop,unless you are going to use Bochino’s

  2. Will do, Matt. Though I have a feeling that Bocchinos will end up doing most of the work. There maybe some stuff to do to ensure she’s in running shape after they’re finished, though. Can I be your apprentice?

  3. Steve, if it’s worth fixing suggest a salvage trip to Rokeby Wreckers for starters. Their wrecks could yield some useful parts. The only bit I’d buy new is a front spoiler assembly. Must call over sometime to takle a closer look, especially since I’ll be a resident Hobartian after the end of this week.


  4. That’d be good. I’ll definitely be getting the axle and hub assembly second hand. Wheel bearings will be new as will front and rear bumpers. Wheels? Unsure, but most likely new as well.

    Bring that bus ticket 😉

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