Viggen Update – she’s home!

Let me tell you something…..I love having the 900. It’s a great little car. A 99Turbo with luxuries.

But I’ll take my Viggen with a bent axle and no bumper and around $10K of work to do – anyday. Geez I love that car!!

We just picked it up and drove it back home under the cover of darkness. It was so good to get in motion again. To sit in the seats, see the dash – a real cockpit dash – light up again.

Mrs Swade came with me and I instructed her to lead the way, at about 40 km/h maximum. The car drives under it’s own power, but there’s a slight tweak at the back of the chassis and the rear axle is bent so the RHS rear wheel is tilted at around 10 degrees. It’s like I’ve got my own permanently engaged Re-Axs system!

One miracle happened on the way back. About a mile from home, we have a set of traffic lights and as we headed downhill toward these lights, I was willing the Mrs to speed up a little and get through them. She had slowed down to around 30 km/h but that intersection was the last place I wanted to have to pull up. Around 300m from those lights is the local police station and it’s the major station on the Eastern side of the city, so there’s police cars coming and going from it quite regularly.

Given that I was driving a car with a prominent space saver tyre, one wheel sitting at 10 degrees or so, no front bumper assembly or licence plate, being spotted by a cop was the last thing I wanted. Sure enough, our slow progress meant that the light turned red and we were sitting there, under lights, for the next cop to see.

I thought we were in the clear, but – sure enough – a police car pulled up to our left, just in time for the light to turn green again and give them a full-on view as we passed in front of them. The police turned left and followed me, now getting a good rear-view of my bent rear axle and then they came up my right side, cruising at 40km/h just like we were.

We got to our street, indicated left, and for some inexplicable reason they let us go. Sometimes there’s good cops out there, too.

Tomorrow I’ll take some photos and give you all a look at how the car is.

It sure is fantastic to have it back home.

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  1. Reminds me of stories when parents get their newborn home from the hospital. But this time its a Saab and people all over the world smile in appreciation. So yeah, I would say we are sucked in pretty bad…

  2. Like Saaboy said – it’s incredibly important to preserve this brief part of SAAB history and keep every Viggen ever produced alive & kickin’.
    Especially since SAAB can’t crank out another vehicle worthy of the web site status.

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